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January 25, 2013

The Illinois statehouse is not a place known for solemnity or Godly reverence.

Rather, it’s notorious for its sharp political elbows, backroom deals, allegations of bribery and constant federal corruption investigations. Not to mention that four of the last eight governors elected in the Land of Lincoln have ended up in prison.

But to Shaun Lewis, it’s also something else: His mission field.

It was exciting to be part of an interview by Focus on the Family and to see it published in CITIZEN Magazine. To read the full article, click here. I think you’ll enjoy learning about our Colorado ministry, too.

Capitol Commission is growing, and we recently added two new states to our ministry map: Michigan and Tennessee. Scott Hummel (Michigan) was a state representative who started leading Bible studies in his Capitol. Though termed out, Scott’s desire is to remain in his Statehouse ministering to his former colleagues, and we’re blessed to have him with us. Dennis Kaiser (Tennessee) was a pastor with a heart for his state lawmakers, and while pastoring, he started a Bible study in his Capitol Building. We’re thankful to co-labor with Scott and Dennis, and we praise God for their ministries.

What’s going in Illinois, you ask? We recently met some of our newly elected lawmakers during the Lame-Duck session. The consensus is that this session was indeed lame and very disappointing. However, from a ministry perspective, it couldn’t have been much better. There are 24 new Representatives and 15 new Senators in addition to a handful of lawmakers who were appointed only a few months ago. Most came to Springfield during the session to observe and learn their way around the Capitol.

More than 1/4 of the General Assembly is new and adjusting to life under the dome. The first few days of January were a wonderful opportunity to introduce myself to them and invite many to our weekly Bible studies. I’m thankful for some of our veteran lawmakers who really helped with this.

We met with the Supreme Court earlier this month for study and prayer, and it’s likely we will be ministering this summer to our municipal leaders around Springfield (I’ll share more as this develops). The legislature will reconvene the first week of February, but until then, I’m focused on staying ahead in Bible study preparation.

We praise God for these opportunities in 2013. It’s exciting meet to new lawmakers, and we hope to see them in our studies. Pray for us as we continue to challenge this mission field with the hope found only in Jesus Christ.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Shaun Lewis
State Director, Illinois

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