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June 28, 2012

"Politics does not have ultimate weight for us. It is one more stage for acting out the truth that Christ, and not politics, is supreme."
— John Piper —

Today we received the long-anticipated Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act. As expected, some were elated while many others were disappointed.

This is an election year, and the ACA isn't the only significant issue at hand. The Presidency alone will influence issues ranging from marriage and life to immigration, foreign policy, campaign finance laws, and most significantly, the balance of the Supreme Court.

We should be concerned, but as believers, may we never lose perspective. I've often been encouraged by John Piper, and with the political arena in mind, I would like to share something he wrote: Let Christians Vote As Though They Were Not Voting. Here are some of Piper's main points:

  • Whether the world holds together or falls apart, whatever may happen in politics, as believers, we win (Revelation 21:4).
  • There are losses in politics and some of them are staggering, but we do not mourn as those without hope.
  • The greatest political victories will not satisfy the soul. They are here today and gone tomorrow. Take care that Jesus Christ is your treasure.
  • We should want peace and justice in our nation, but even the best is only a foretaste of what God has promised those who love Him.
  • Let us faithfully engage the political arena, but not give it our fullest attention. This world matters, but we hold onto it loosely. The great thing in our lives is Christ, and what we long for is His kingdom.

Be encouraged, and stay faithful.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Shaun Lewis
State Director, Illinois