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August 2, 2017

There are days that you step back and see God at work, and, if we are honest, there are days we fail to recognize God at work around us at all.

A few weeks ago, at the Capitol house floor, I witnessed one of the most amazing blessed events. Representatives were on both sides of the aisle debating a bill for two hours. Now that may not seem unusual, but the debate focused on a bill that involved a former Representative, Representative Ruth Samuelson. Ruth served three terms before having to step back to address a personal battle with cancer. She stepped into glory this past February.

The result of what I witnessed was nothing short of a two-hour testimony about a Christian life that lived out, “Christ in you the hope of glory!” The bill itself was giving honor to Ruth, because the project focused on her district which Ruth had worked on tediously. In the bill itself, Ruth was described as a person who emulated, “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.”

Here is how God put that day together. For years, Ruth attended the Bible studies through Capitol Commission and as result one of her speeches was put into print. It described how to pray for your Legislators. The booklets were in high demand at her funeral and as result a reprint was needed. Her husband Ken, wrote a beautiful testimony of how Christ had saved and changed Ruth's life through the word of God. It was said by several representatives that she had memorized 600 passages of Scripture. The testimony on the floor of the house that day revealed very clearly that the word of Christ lived in her richly!  Rep Samuelson Day

This reprinted book, with the added testimony of Ruth’s husband, was given to the house clerk months previous to be placed on the house floor and/or given to people who requested them in the Capitol where Ruth served.  On that morning the Lord brought my path across the path of the house clerk. I knew this bill was coming up and our discussion focused on this house bill and if he needed any more booklets. His response was that he needed a representative to endorse the placement of the booklets he had so that they could be distributed. I immediately texted one of our representatives and within minutes the endorsement happened, and as result, the booklets were placed with her testimony on the house floor desk of every representative in the house chamber. God had staged that day, preparing hearts to be focused and he brought to that gathering standing room only attendance. The house bill was introduced at 2PM, and as God does, he took over and the Gospel of Christ was testified, shared, and the seed was planted in every heart- till a little past 4 PM! Yes! It was a two-hour time of sharing how Christ lived in Ruth and His glory was revealed! I heard the whispers in the hallway at the Legislative building - "who talks two hours about a dead person?" We who know Christ grasp this fact, Ruth Samuelson has moved from the land of the dying to the land of the living. She is moving and shaking in glory; more alive than ever and in the presence of her Savior! 

You must step back on days like that and want to shout out, “there really is a God in heaven” as loudly as you can possibly shout! God had prepared that moment for His Son to be lifted up, and God promises to draw people to Himself when that happens. Glory!


Your donation to this ministry is meaningful. Every ministry partner and every person giving any amount this month will receive the booklet "A Legislators Tool for Prayer" by Representative Ruth Samuelson mentioned in today's ministry update (Make sure we have your mailing address).

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Thank you for your faithful and meaningful support of  this ministry that focuses on bringing a presence of Christ to our Capitol community, proclaiming the wonderful news of how to have peace with God and calling people to pray for our leaders as Christ mandated.


 Praises, Projects and Prayer Requests:

  • Praise God for a presence at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in Denver, Colorado. Your support allowed the Gospel to be shared and the presence of Christ to permeate that assembly.
  • Praise God for continued staff and Legislator Bible studies through the extended session gatherings this year.
  • Praise God for the opportunities to present the challenge to pray for our legislators to several churches this summer.
  • Praise God for two new ministry partners and one new church bringing our support to a full 51%.

 Prayer Requests:

  • The faithful discipleship of our legislators and Capitol Staff men and women. Continue  to pray for open doors and growth.
  • Pray for the opportunities to counsel our legislators, and capitol staff with personal and struggles and life issues.
  • Pray for our Annual Fundraiser - Celebration Breakfast and Golf Classic October 9; you may put action to your prayers for our goal of raising $50,000 for this ministry. You may participate by being involved in the Celebration Breakfast alone by sending letters to others you know or by making a special donation; or by participating in the golf classic. Click Here for information about both
  • Election Eve Prayer Walk November 6th - Help us get the word out and plan to bring a group for this powerful evening of prayer at our NC Capitol Building grounds.

Projects: Here are some specific projects for your group or church to take on to help us reach into our Capitol Community.

  • New Printer Project - help us be more efficient with a new office printer. We have taken the step to purchase a Brother Printer. Cost for this and ink cartridges - $650.00 This will help us with the Bible Study as well as communication printing. 
  • Birthday Card/Christmas Card Ministry - Our goal is to put in the hands of each Legislator a carefully created Birthday and Christmas Card that reflects a Christian Worldview and is a personal relationship building warm touch. This project is ongoing and it costs $1000 each year. Help us continue this project to your legislators.
  • Books and  Bagels - If you read last month's "Sir do you have a Bible" ministry update you saw the impact this ministry is having in your capitol. Help us keep this ministry going with donations of money or books. Each project with food and books costs approx. $800.


Thank you for your faithful support of Capitol Commission! 

 Brad Sig

  Dr. Brad Harbaugh

      State Minister 

Capitol Commission - North Carolina