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April 20, 2017

How can a legislator survive?

David sang - "Had it not been the LORD who was on our side, when men rose up against us, then they would have swallowed us alive..." Psalm 142:2-3a

One of our Legislators shared last week:

“I was asked by a member of my district, how do you stay strong in this [political] environment? I shared, it is Bible Study on Tuesday, chapel on Wednesday, the monthly breakfasts,…and now Books and Bagels ...all of these keep our focus on Christ,..Capitol Commission is the ministry that undergirds and supports all of this at our NC  Capitol – without their hard work here I do not know how I would survive!”

Our leaders survive because Capitol Commission consistently points people to the Lord! When the Lord is lifted up, He draws people to Himself. When the Lord is lifted up He compels His own to live out their purpose! 

Capitol Commission is able to be there because of you! Thank you for your faithful prayer and investment!

Angels are rejoicing in heaven!

Over the past month, eight personal meetings with legislators have resulted in much pastoral care, counseling and one representative placing his trust in the Lord Jesus Christ!

At the Books and Bagels event on March 22nd we gave away more than 125 books. Most of these books focused on the claims and person of Christ. One of the joys I had as I walked through the Legislative Building and Legislative Office Building was to witness more than 35 people reading The Case for Christ and More than a Carpenter. Would you pray for the seed of the gospel to grow?

This event had many highlights. Hundreds came to our table. One of those was a Muslim intern who was very open to dialogue about Christ. Now, because of this event, the book Seeking Allah Finding Christ, is being read. God is using these resources to open communication. Our next Books and Bagels is May 4th. Would you consider a special gift to help with this project? Each  event seeks to build relationships by giving away breakfast food, drinks and Christian books and materials. Your special donation allows this ministry to place Christian material in the hands of our legislators and the Capitol Community!

Over the past six weeks we have had two Legislator Prayer Breakfasts. Both breakfasts had great attendance from both political parties and the gospel was presented. These monthly events encourage believing legislators to invite the capitol staff and they provide a safe place for legislators to pray for each other.

The weekly expository Bible studies continue in Ephesians. Twenty-five legislators faithfully attend the Tuesday morning Bible study for legislators only. The women's and men's capitol community staff Bible studies have met with consistent attendance in both. Pray for the continued impact of solid Bible doctrine in the lives of the capitol community! 

May 4th Day of Prayer - Morning Prayer Walk and Noon Service!

Participate in a prayer walk at the Legislative Building.  Click here for the Prayer Walk Registration and information. Prayer routes are scheduled as early as 6 AM at the Legislative Building!  The first 200 registered receive a T shirt that shares a great message "prayer for North Carolina!" Register and pick up your T shirt at check-in!  

The National Day of Prayer service will be 12PM-1 PM at the Halifax Mall, downtown Raleigh.

Download a Day of Prayer Flyer for Distribution.

The Need is Great!

The pastoral presence, the weekly Bible studies, and the consistent ministry are making a fruitful difference.

As North Carolina Capitol Commission enters the 2017 second quarter our needs are great! Our ministry partners make up 51% of our support - we thank God for your faithfulness!  Would you prayerfully consider being a monthly ministry partner?  Yes, I would like to become a ministry partner!

Help this ministry stay strong by a special gift or by taking on or giving toward one of our ministry projects. Monthly breakfast ($500) Books and Bagels ($1000) or Be a Prayer Event Sponsor ($250 - 2000). Would you consider investing in one of these unique ministry opportunities?  click to donate

Pray for the Name of the Lord to be exalted in our Nation! 

For His Glory,

Rev. Brad Harbaugh

Capitol Commission State Minister - North Carolina