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March 16, 2018

It was known as the "Garden of the Olive Press." A stone gethsemane, or olive press, allowed local olive tree growers to bring their crop to this place. Olives were placed in a special woven cloth and inserted into the press. Through the great pressure of the heavy stone, olive oil was squeezed out for market. This was the very garden our Lord prayed “not My will but Thine be done.” How fitting that at Gethsemane great pressure, exuded upon our Savior, brought forth the greatest good. 

The pressure on Jesus fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah 53:3 “Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows.” His pressure fulfilled something good for you and me. He drank the cup, bearing our sorrows and griefs and by his stripes we are healed, Isaiah 53:5.  God the Son came into this world to save it. Can you imagine the experience of our Holy Creator walking in the midst of this tainted with sin world? That experience had to bring Him great grief. He witnessed firsthand the pain and agony of this fallen world even to the point of death. But He conquered the grave, Hallelujah He is risen and He is Lord! These truths now echo throughout the world and bring the greatest hope! I Corinthians 15 gives great detail of our ascended King on the throne reigning and placing the enemies of God under His feet. 

Human government is one of the institutions ordained by God to bring order to this fallen world. This institution bears great pressure as it addresses the ills of fallen society. Jesus Himself will one day take government upon His shoulders, Isaiah 9:6. Today, those in authority over us carry this burden and face tremendous pressure, especially since the cry of our nation is directed almost entirely upon our politicians to fix society. 

Our leaders bear great burdens. One Senator shared his call out of a comfortable retirement to bear the burden of serving in the North Carolina legislature. He said, “I have learned that sometimes in our maturity God calls us from our comforts to serve in areas of great need.”-Sen N.  

Often our perception of our leaders is not that they have taken on a yoke of burden, but our leaders have great and heavy burdens in these times. How is Capitol Commission at work behind the scenes helping our leaders?  Read Striking a Nerve Seeking a Cure

Our leaders need our prayers desperately. Do you have compassion for your leaders? Often instead of prayer, thanksgiving and supplication other things like maligning, ridicule and hate rises up within my own heart. How about you?  Are we a grateful nation, state or person? Thanksgiving (gratefulness) is one of the prayers Christ called us to pray for all of our leaders, I Timothy 2:1. Click here for a tool that will teach you how to pray for your political leaders.

Ministry Update:

  • The work at the legislative building continues even though technically it is out of session. Our team is carrying on two Bible studies in the LB and monthly prayer sessions are open to everyone the second Wednesday of each month at 11 am. 
  • Regular connections with our legislators continue one on one.
  • The hard work to prepare for this coming session beginning May 16th continues. Pray for wisdom because change in Legislative Building policy is creating challenges for our ministry that were not there last year. Thankfully, we are working the problem and finding ways to make impact with the new rules.
  • Your help is needed. 
    • April – Our project warm touch gospel outreach is happening. This project will provide each legislator with a non-political, non-lobbying book that shares Christ and the call to lead according to God's purpose. Additionally, a warm note of encouragement and an invitation to the weekly Bible studies will be given. Pray for legislators to be drawn to Christ and to Bible studies.
    •  MAYNational Day of Prayer Service, May 3rd, Thursday, at Noon will take place behind your Legislative Building on Halifax Mall.
      • Bring a group from your church, join 30 other churches on this day to pray and dedicate the NC 2018 Session to the Lord Jesus Christ.
      • Do the "Prayer Walk" the morning of Thursday, May 3rd, between 7 and 11:30 am at Halifax Mall.
        • Consider bringing a group from your church to this event. FMI contact: 
        • Ephesians 4:3 is the theme verse for the National Day of Prayer and the message is unity.
        • In context, "unity" refers to unity in the Spirit, standing on the truth.
    • Church Challenge: April 29th or May 20th – In your church on one of these Sundays - would you pray specifically for your Senator(s), Representative(s). We have a specific church bulletin insert, 2018 NC Prayer Guide, you may use presenting ways to pray and information about Capitol Commission. Please contact if we can be a greater resource.
    • May/June - Home Meal for legislators - pray for dozens of our legislators to participate in this home meal project.

Thank you ministry partners and those who have given meaningful support to Capitol Commission North Carolina!

As I write this our financial need is great. Would you  give to help NC Cap Com   stay strong in your Capitol?

For His Glory,

 Brad Sig

Dr. Brad Harbaugh
President and State Minister North Carolina

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