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June 7, 2018

Proclaiming the Up and the Down! 

Daniel answered the king, “No wise man, medium, magician, or diviner can explain to the king the mystery of which he inquires. But there is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries." Daniel 2:28

Ravi Zacharias, in his book, Jesus Among Secular Gods, made the statement, “The Great Books of the Western World, published in the 1950’s gave the longest space to the theme of ‘God,’ addressed by the most notable Western thinkers of the day. When Mortimer Adler, the editor, was asked why that theme occupied such length when many other notable themes were given less space, he answered without hesitation, ‘Because more consequences for life and action follow from the affirmation or denial of God than from any other basic question.’”

Our American culture today can only see right and left. Capitol Commission stands in the marketplace of our political circles proclaiming and reminding that there is an up and down. 

The wisdom of the wisest king could not say it better, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." Proverbs 1:7 Daniel the prophet, as noted above, in the midst of a hostile and powerful political climate, proclaimed the up and the down!

Capitol Commission is engaging your leaders with the reality that God exists and is boldly proclaiming Christ as the way, the truth and the life. He is the answer to the most foundational questions of life. See THIS WEEK'S BIBLE STUDY placed in all legislator offices. 

God opened many doors to share the up and the down in your NC Capitol this week. Let me share just two:

  1. While dropping off written Bible studies, I opened the door to one legislative office. A tense meeting was taking place in the room adjoining the office with many gathered around a desk. A voice spoke to me from behind the desk, "I could sure use your prayers right now."  I stated, "I would be honored to pray for you." Stepping forward I asked, "May I just pray now?" "Yes, by all means," came the reply. I prayed, acknowledging a Sovereign God that had filtered whatever dilemma they were facing and had placed it into their lap. I asked for God's wisdom, for mental aggressiveness and for a reaction that was under control and precisely guided by the Lord. I asked, specifically, for peace to focus because outrage is not a strategy and asked these things In Jesus Name. There was a keen sense of tension deescalation in that meeting. All stood and said, "Thank you. That meant so much right now."
  2. At the conclusion of our Legislators' Bible study this week, I spent over an hour answering deep heart questions with a legislator one-on-one. Questions about the person of Christ, the purpose of life and obtaining the peace of God were asked. Glory to God for His work in this legislator's heart. 

Praise! Answers to prayer.

Despite this politically intense and heavy scheduled short session for our legislators, some great ministry is occurring. 

a) Four Legislator Bible studies have taken place and 14 attended this past week. 

b) Two successful Legislative Dinners at our home occurred over the past 15 days. God has blessed them with great personal conversations and tremendous relationship building. Would you pray for great participation in our June 19th Legislators' Dinner?

c) 1000 written Bible studies have been placed in Legislative offices and handed out to staff in this short session.  

d) Personal moments with legislators, times of prayer and meetings have happened with great opportunities to give pastoral care.

Please join us in prayer and participation!

  • Capitol Commission Golf Classic - Monday, June 11th,  7:30-1:30 PM at Brier Creek Country Club
    • Pray for the weather, forecast right now calls for overcast low 80's but surrounded by rain. Ask God to hold off the rain.
    • Ask God for 20 more golfers, over 50 registered. Encourage a golfer you know to participate.
      • Golf Registration Form  Print--Fill Out--Bring It Monday Morning! Yes, last minute sign-up and walk-ins will be welcomed.  Every added golfer makes a difference to this tournaments success.
  • Wednesday, June 13th, 11 am in the Legislative Chapel on 2nd floor is our monthly time to pray for our Legislators. Gather with others from the area to pray for specific and general requests. Please join this group that meets every second Wednesday. Since it is session time, you also may stay and join the Legislators Chapel Service at 12:30 PM.
  • June 21st - Pray for the attendance and message at this Legislator only, Legislative Prayer Breakfast  
  • June 27th - Books and Bagels Event. 
    • We are handing out breakfast food and books that present Christian worldview on life topic issues.
    • Give a special donation to cover the cost of this outreach.
      • Up to $2000 will go into book give-a-ways, logistics and food cost for each event.
      • Thank you, to those who have made book donations of Christian worldview books.
    • Pray for God to send prepared hearts to get just the right book.
    • Participate - contact us if you would like to assist our team in set-up, tear-down or serving.

Thank you for your faithful support!

 For His Glory,

Dr. Brad Harbaugh
President and State Minister North Carolina

Donate to Capitol Commission online or mail to:

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