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May 27, 2017

"Give Honor to whom Honor is due."

The weekend calls each one to give honor to those who have fought and died for our freedom. 

"God himself has ordained governments to promote good and to punish wickedness, and has appointed force as an appropriate tool at their disposal (Romans 13:1-7). Yet, God calls governments to only wield their swords against real wickedness... to wage war only in justified war situations....Christians should be known as those who always seek what is best for others, who love our enemies, and who pray for peace as a preview of God's promise of a future sinless world in which wars will cease (Isa 2:4; 9:6-7; 11:6). Until that day comes, we must accept that war is sometimes morally necessary. And as a moral necessity, its enforcers are not to be treated as villians but as servants of God. As Israel honored her warriors (2 Sam 23:8-39), we respect and commend our soldiers who serve honorably." [Taken from One Nation Under God, by Bruce Ashford and Chris Papallardo, (Nashville, Tn: B&H Academic, 2015) 126,127]

Let us furthermore pray for the families who personally mourn the loved ones; the sons, daughters, husbands, and wives that they buried, which are to be remembered and honored this Memorial Day.  Especially on this day, remember them in your prayers. 



This past month Capitol Commission has been very active building relationships, preaching the good news, handing out Bible studies and spending much time personally ministering to our legislators and staff at your Capitol in Raleigh.


1) May 4th Prayer Walk, Books and Bagels and the National Day of Prayer Service touched over 100 lives through the books. Nearly 100 participated in the prayer walk and more than 300 hundred gathered for the noon prayer service.

2) Weekly Men's and Women's Capitol Staff Bible studies have met on Mondays at noon. Weekly Legislator Only Tuesday Bible studies have met with both Democrat and Republican attending. Our studies have been in Ephesians.

3) On May 23rd a monthly prayer breakfast took place in the Legislative Cafeteria, staff and Legislators joined to share prayer requests and hear a message on Ephesians 2:8-10.  

4) Over the past month, personal meetings with 7 legislators and 12 staff members have taken place. 

5) All glory to Christ! Thank you for praying for me, your State Minister, to complete my doctoral program. This past week at Westminster Theological, after 7 years of work, the Lord allowed completion to occur. Thank you for your prayers. My wife and children rejoice in this plateau and completion. We thank the Lord and welcome each of you to a celebration Friday evening June 2nd, For more information and to RSVP click here.

Dr Harbaugh


1) Follow up and growth of two individuals who recently placed their trust in Christ. 

2) Our next Books and Bagels is June 28th. Pray for the response, for God's direction of materials to specific needs and for the Lord to be glorified.

3) October 9th Capitol Commission Fund Raising Golf Tournament - pray for business and personal sponsors, as well as 100 golfers to participate.

4) Pray for the weekly Bible studies to be powerful in teaching the exposition of the Word of God.

5) Pray for the Legislators to take the heaviness of this session to the Lord, that they may seek the wisdom and counsel of the Lord first.


Thank you for your faithful support of Capitol Commission.


For His Glory,

Rev. Dr. Brad Harbaugh

State Minister Capitol Commission - North Carolina