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Welcome to Capitol Commission Ohio!

Ohio is a fine state to live in with it’s beautiful scenery, rich industry, robust agriculture and great citizens. I am delighted to serve in the Capitol Square Community helping to lead people to a growing walk with God through ministry in the Word of God.

Discipleship isn’t something that just happens within church walls. It is the essence of life. Learning who Jesus Christ is and delighting in Him is a call to all who are searching for the meaning of life.

Our Capitol Community is a place where souls converge and minds are teamed together to discern and legislate important matters that effect all of Ohio and beyond. Lawmakers from around the state work together in a full-time legislator at the Ohio Statehouse bringing with them many of their staff and aids and attracting the attention of lobbyists and other civic minded people creating an environment rich with opportunity for the ministry of the Word of God and the Gospel message.

This community is ripe with opportunity to be led to a further knowledge of Jesus Christ. The people of God, the Church, has been given the commission (Acts 1:8) to make disciples beginning in their own area of influence and then reaching beyond. Christians are exhorted to hold public and elected officials up in high esteem and placing high value on their soul-care 1 Timothy 2:1-4; Romans 13:1-5.

Each week I meet personally with elected and appointed officials, their staff members and lobbyists to share the Word of God with them whether through prayer, discipling, conversations and relationships or even through formal Bible studies in the Statehouse meeting rooms.

The Capitol Commission of Ohio draws awareness of the specific spiritual needs of our government leaders to the church of Christ around the state of Ohio. Through the ministry of Capitol Commission it is the goal that everyone who belongs to the Capitol Community will learn of Jesus Christ and have an opportunity to grow in their walk of faith in Him!

While we are not focused on lobbying for specific legislation we believe that when the heart of the lawmakers is in submission to the Lord Jesus Christ the decisions they make will reflect godly values.

Will you please pray for this ministry and consider how you may participate in promoting the Gospel in this important work?

Please connect with me if I can be of any help to you. I would be glad to meet with you so that you may learn more about how to serve our government officials and others in the political community.

Grace to you!

Brad Jury
State Minister