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April 12, 2018

Dear Friend,

Have you ever received a pleasantly disproportionate reward for a completed task?  Have you ever been utterly doused with an enviable inequitable prize for very little effort?  In our world we thrive in a system where the laborer earns his fair wages and the system of wages and salary is monitored carefully for its ethical equality.  It isn’t often that one receives reward for labor that is not on some sort of predicted scale.

But that’s now how the world of grace in Jesus Christ works (our salvation).  God’s economy is so different than ours.  While certain elements of our world may reflect heavenly values, God’s grace transcends what is deemed by us as fair and equitable.  Through Jesus Christ He supersedes all logical deductions, equitable rewards and pragmatic systems. 


Read more of this week's Capitol Square Community Bible Study here: Inequitable Reward

Thursdays 12:05-12:45
Statehouse Room #45  near Third Street Entrance

Grace to you!

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Brad Jury
Capitol Commission of Ohio Minister