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May 21, 2018

Devotional: Always a Disciple of Jesus
As a 1st Century rabbi, Jesus is gathering around him students to be with him, so they would become like him, in order to do the things that he was doing and to carry on his work. All those who would claim allegiance to Jesus are making a similar commitment to be his apprentices, his students in kingdom living.
As a disciple of Jesus, I will always be learning from him. And the place of my discipleship is wherever I am at now, and whatever I am currently doing. I am constantly learning from him and there is a long way to go before the lessons end. Sometimes we might wish these lessons would stop, but they don’t because life moves on, the challenges change, and so I must be reconciled to the fact that I am going to be a student of Jesus from here on out.
I remember hearing the story about Jimmy Carter’s chief of staff asking the following question at a Christian seminar: “How do you get Christianity in the boardroom?” The speaker had a very simple answer: have a Christian - a fully-functioning disciple of Jesus - walk in and sit down, there is no other way.
To read more of this Legislator Bible Study click here: John 6:41-71: Jesus' Life Living Through Us
Our next study meets: Tuesday, June 12 @ 8:00 - 8:45 PM.
Praying for Your PA Leaders
To pray these thoughts over your PA legislators, please click on the link to sign-up for our prayer tool called Pray1Tim2. In addition to receiving a daily email notice with six legislators to pray for, you will also receive devotionals sent to our legislators, staff, and lobbyists as further opportunities to pray for them.
Wilberforce Weekend 2018 in DC
Capitol Commission was one of the event sponsors for this year's Wilberforce Weekend. I had the privilege to travel with Brad Harbaugh, the President of the ministry, to man our table as we interacted with conference attendees. Our focus was to grow our prayer ministry and connect with those who might help us expand our ministry presence to each of the 50 states.
It was certainly a blessing to interact with people who visited our table, and to hear from speakers like John Stonestreet, Eric Metaxas, Bill Brown, Jeff Myers, and many others. In addition, our dear friend and State Minister from Louisiana Michael Sprague was commissioned as a Colson Fellow on Sunday. We were bless to be able to share this moment with him and his wife.
Recently a friend made the statement, Aslan is on the move. I couldn't agree more! It is a privilege to be working with God in what he is doing in the hearts and lives of those at the PA Capitol and throughout our state, as well as witnessing the way our small efforts are part of his larger work.
Thank you for sharing this journey with us. I always Thank God for you!
Your Missionary/Pastor to the Pennsylvania State Capitol,

Jeff Whitebread
6 Years in the Capitol