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June 7, 2017

In the past week more than one Indiana legislator has lost a loved one. We make a point to attend visitations and funerals, express our sorrow for them, and come along side them in their grief. Elected leaders are real people, with real lives, just like you and I. No matter which side of the aisle they sit on, hurt is hurt. The Apostle Paul tells us to weep with those who weep, and so we do.

At one visitation I noticed that the funeral home and parking lot were filled with Sheriff's officers, police officers, and firemen; family members of the representative. He comes from a long of family members dedicated to public service.  No wonder he ran for office.

So I particularly ask you to pray for your legislators, their lives, businesses, families, health, and those times of loss. Go to, and sign up to pray for three of your representatives every day. They all appreciate your prayers for them.


This epistle is short, I will be away on trip for the next two weeks, thanks to the Lord's provision.


Thanking the Lord for your love, your prayers, and support,

For such a time as this,