• David Kropp

    I was fortunate to grow up in a Christian home with three brothers and a good parents. We attended a small neighborhood church on the south side of Chicago. A wonderful church with good teaching and activities. As a teenager and college student, I was very active in evangelism and group bible studies, with a perceived path to a seminary education.

    After graduating from Illinois State University I took a different path into the marketplace and had leadership roles in all the different industries I participated in, sometimes as a entrepreneur and owner and sometimes as an employee. This included roles in huge corporations and start-ups. I have loved the changes and challenges each situation gave me, Including public service, the computer industry, real estate sales and marketing, and hospitality. Always active in a local church, and met my wife at a church retreat.

    My wonderful wife Jean and I decided to move from the Chicago area to Scottsdale Arizona in 1995. I have three adult children and I continue to live in Scottsdale, although my wife Jean has passed on to live with Jesus. I am active member of Scottsdale Bible Church.