• bill heitzinger

    State Minister, Arizona

    Ministry Leaders
    Bill was born in a small farming community in central Wisconsin. After high school, while in college, he married the love of his life, Joan. A few years later they relocated to Phoenix, Arizona and started a business. More importantly, they began a family. The Lord has blessed Bill and Joan with five sons and with some wonderful daughters-in-law. They now are grandparents to four granddaughters and five grandsons. A sixth grandson is to arrive in January 2020.

    Later in life, Bill answered a call to serve the Lord further and enrolled at Phoenix Seminary to earn a Masters of Arts in Ministry. Since graduating in 2014, Bill has ministered at Scottsdale Bible Church as a pastor to senior citizens. He, also, serves as a counselor to men in Scottsdale Bible Church’s Counseling Ministry.

    Over the past few years, Bill and Joan have been privileged to serve as members of Scottsdale Bible’s Global Missions Counseling Team. Having received training in “Healing the Wounds of Trauma,” a program developed by the Trauma Healing Institute and the American Bible Society, they have worked with people in India, Jordan, and Tanzania. Bill and Joan have felt great reward while providing comfort and healing to refugees from Iraq and Syria in Jordan, to women trapped in the sex slave industry, to families in dire poverty in India, to people of the Masai tribe in Tanzania suffering from a rage of third world problems.

    Bill is looking forward to serving as Capitol Commission’s Arizona State Minister, bringing “Gospel Hope and Spiritual Strength to Government Leaders.”