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May 24, 2010

Below are a few ways you can bless the Palermo family by praising God and praying for us this week.


  • Jenni is pregnant with our third child! What a precious gift from God!
  • Jason has been approved to travel to Turkey with a delegation from Arkansas!
  • Jason’s mom has agreed to come out for 2 weeks to stay with Jenni and the boys while Jason is in Turkey!
  • A local business is organizing a fundraising golf tournament for Capitol Commission, Arkansas!


  • Please pray for Jenni as she deals with pregnancy related nausea
  • For Jason as he seeks to raise $3,000 to travel to Turkey,
  • For the delegation Jason will be a part of, for safety, travel graces, wisdom, spiritual preparation and the preparation of hearts,
  • General monthly funding to increase,
  • For all of the details related to the golf tournament to fall into place (hopefully to take place in early June).

Thank you, for your love and faithful prayers—they are very much appreciated,

Christ’s grace and peace be yours in abundance!

Jason and Jenni Palermo