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    July 17, 2010

    Before heading out to Turkey in a few hours, I give you our ministry update, and ask for your prayers.


    • Jenni and I praise God for graciously providing all that was needed for this trip.
    • We also praise God that Jason’s mom will be staying with Jenni and the boys. Her presence will be a huge blessing to Jenni, and to the boys who will be lavished by their grandmother’s love.
    • We thank all who made this trip possible, through their prayer and generous contributions.


    • Please pray for our team which is made up of AR House of Representatives and others, as we fly to several locations within Turkey. We plan to meet with members from the Turkish Grand Parliament (similar to our congress); several media groups; educational institutions; business leaders; and government ministries. Pray for travel graces, and good interactions.
    • Pray for me to not only honor our country well, but also the Lord Jesus Christ as His ambassador.

    Thank you for your prayers and support, they mean so much to us,


    Jason Palermo
    State Director, Arkansas