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    August 26, 2010

    Now that I am back from Turkey, I give you my report. The main objective for me going to Turkey was to invest relationally in our legislators in-between legislative sessions. My desire is to greatly improve our year-round ministry, so far I have held Bible studies for leadership and staff who work in the Capitol, and as funding allows, I want to begin launching satellite Bible studies in respective legislative districts. I want to balance Bible studies with increased visitation including occasional recreational activities (hiking, fishing/hunting, golf etc). This trip to Turkey had many of the relational elements I have sought to advance, as it allowed me to spend an extended period (10 days), with a legislative delegation.

    A little about this trip: Where We Went: We visited Western, Central, Southern and Eastern regions of Turkey. Who we met: Turkish Politicians: Members from the Turkish Grand Parliament, Minister of Transportation, and others. We met with business leaders, academic leaders, medical leaders, broadcasters, leaders from a major newspaper, journalists and other media leaders. Each group of leaders we met with demonstrated exemplary leadership approaches to solving significant challenges within their country, region and industry.

    Our team kept a busy schedule, learned much, and did a great job of representing the USA and Arkansas. I trust that God will use all these experiences to extend His great name and reputation. I also have no doubt that these experiences will also enrich my spiritual service and leadership within this political community.

    Not money but God and His faithfulness is our focus, yet it is also true that it is very important for our monthly support to increase at this time. God has already provided many opportunities to minister year-round to political leaders. Only with the help of many friends can we begin making a significantly greater difference! If you want to see Christ’s ways advanced to more political leaders, please consider helping us grow our monthly support base—it will glorify Christ and make a difference. To do so, visit our website at www.capitolcom.org where you can easily set-up or increase your monthly support. If greater things will be accomplished in Christ’s name, it will be because God’s people see the wisdom of working together as one body, to help accomplish one purpose.


    Photos from trip left to right: 1. Mosaic depicting the Christ, at the Hagia Sophia, 2. 3rd Cent. monastery where Christians worshiped God, and during persecutions fled through tunnels from their persecutors. The Apostle John ministered in this region before being exiled to Patmos. The Apostle Paul, Peter and Timothy also ministered in these regions. 3. A tapestry in a 5th Cent. Syrian Church. May we focus on and serve the risen Christ with the same passion and steadfast commitment that many early church believers displayed. This tapestry reminds the church that our Great Shepherd leads His flock to green pastures, where He restores our souls.

    Together let us advance His gospel—to the nations and their leaders, thank you for your participation in Christ’s Great Commission!

    Jason Palermo
    State Director, Arkansas