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December 2, 2010

As Jenni and I survey over four years of ministry among Arkansas’ political community, we are grateful. God has increasingly taught our family to entrust our life and ministry to Him. We also thank you for your generous participation. Now I give you our year-end update, along with an opportunity to help us make greater progress in 2011.

LOCAL MINISTRY: Through developing relationships with local churches, God is providing increased opportunities to reach political leaders in 2011. As funds allow we will gladly pursue these. STATE and INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY: During the summer I had the honor of traveling to the country of Turkey with a delegation from the Arkansas State House of Representatives, there were opportunities to develop and deepen relationships as we met with all levels of political leaders in Turkey. The result is we now have several new vistas of ministry open to us. Washington DC: This year several Capitol Commission state directors met together with their congressional leaders in DC, since many came through their ministries, when they were state legislators. The response was great. In Arkansas, 3 legislators who participated in my weekly Bible study ran for congress, as did a couple others within my ministry sphere. It helped me realize afresh how strategic this ministry is, and the important role we can all play when it comes to investing in the spiritual well-being of our state leaders during their duration of service. By cultivating biblical thinking and decision-making in a leader, we are providing an opportunity for them to know God and grow in Him. How so? God is committed to both saving and equipping believers through the hearing and understanding of His Word. In fact, it is hard for me to imagine a better way to prepare our future congressional leaders for leadership, then by spending several years cultivating them to think and live biblically. That is why this ministry is sorely needed at this pivotal time in history. I have no doubt that as God advances this kind of ministry, that our nation’s politicians will be forever changed for the better.

2011: Our future is in God’s hands! God may be increasing our support. But please be praying for His leading, as increased sponsorship would help us to effectively reach more political leaders with the gospel. We ask for your continued support via prayer and financial gifts, both now and in 2011.

Our Fiscal Needs

It is very important for us to raise $20,000 by the end of the year to help us cover back salary and ministry expenses. If for example God provided 8 gifts of $2,500 it would greatly help. Will you help us raise our needed amount by sending a special (tax-deductible) gift for any amount at this time? Also would you be willing to help us increase our regular monthly support by investing an extra $10, $20, $50, or $100 per month toward this ministry? It is very quick and simple to give a special gift to the Arkansas ministry, or to set up or increase your regular gifts through our secure on-line website at We are grateful for the opportunities God has placed before us, and for the prayer and provisions He has supplied through you. Our family truly thanks you!


Jason Palermo
State Director, Arkansas