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October 8, 2012

2013 will mark 7 years of reaching Arkansas’ political communities for Christ!

Together, with God's help, you and I have made a tremendous difference in the lives of many leading and serving within Arkansas' political communities. Because we decided to try something different, many within Arkansas' political communities are now being regularly encouraged, strengthened in the faith, and further equipped in their service to Jesus Christ, and the great state of Arkansas! It has been my distinct pleasure to encourage those regularly tasked with the challenge of doing what is right, and responsible in their service to our state. One pastor who recently spend over 4 hours in regular visitation with me at the state capitol noted how amazed he was at the progress God has provided for this ministry, and in the pastoral care many are receiving. Not only was this pastor encouraged, but I was also encouraged to see his encouragement.

Because of God's great faithfulness and yours, much favor has been granted by those who see their need for keeping God central in their life. My part has been to guard the gospel, and the confidentiality entrusted to me, to pray continually, to lead others in prayer, to listen more than I talk, and to speak God's truth in love.

You may be wondering, "are there any new ways that God has been using this ministry"? The answer is yes, and the best one word description is, "reduplication." The task before me has always been greater than what any one person can do. I literally have over 10,000 people I desire to reach for Christ within Arkansas' political communities. God recently encouraged me earlier this year as I reflected on the counsel that Moses' father-in-law provided to him. You may remember that Moses learned that it was not good for him to try to serve so many people (all of Israel) by himself. He was told to find wise and faithful leaders, to do much of what he had been doing, by himself, so that many more people in Israel could readily receive the help they needed.

In the same way, I am beginning to reduplicate the vision and ministry of reaching all of Arkansas' political leaders for Jesus Christ, via local churches. The state capitol ministry is mature enough to serve as a model for the ministry that pastors and church leaders can do locally. So this year, I have begun the process of partnering with local churches, to help them reach their local and state leaders, and I can say that it has already been encouraging to all who are participating in this outreach.

How you can pray:

  1. For God to provide a few more key churches in Arkansas who want to reach our state and local leaders. I think that I might be able to work with as many as 5-7 churches in 2013.
  2. For wisdom for me and the churches I am already partnering with.
  3. For God’s continued increase of provisions so that we can be fully funded for the work before us. We are praying for an increase of $40,000 annually. This amount will allow us to reach a level of full-funding and provide enough to keep pace with current and increasing travel needs. I am specifically praying for God to provide around $25,000 in special end-of-the-year gifts, and for an increase in monthly support of $1,500.
  4. For immediate fiscal help. This year I have added many more ministry miles to my vehicle, and it is in need of several expensive repairs. While a newer vehicle would be great, it would still be less expensive to repair the one I have. I also need to purchase tickets ASAP, for our ministry’s annual training meeting, in Raleigh, North Carolina, this November.

If you would like to see more political communities reached for Christ, and are able to help with a tax-deductible end-of-the year gift, or help monthly support rise to meet new ministry opportunities before us click here.

As we approach the end of another year of ministry, it is right for us to praise God for the great things He has done in and through us, and sometimes even in spite of us. On behalf of all those who are being served, and on behalf of my family and me, thank you for your partnership, and great encouragement.

With Christ’s love and hope, always within us, and on our tongue,

Jason Palermo
State Director, Arkansas