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December 30, 2012

Before 2012 passes into history, I want to thank you for your interest and support. Below are a few links that might be of interest to you.


The first video shares a significant ministry highlight we experienced in 2012 that will carry-over into 2013 and Lord-willing for many years to come click here.

Earlier this year I created a Capitol Commission Arkansas Facebook Page, to keep everyone encouraged and informed daily, to "like" it click here.

This year a large donor provided study Bibles for our entire ministry to give to all our congressional leaders in 2013. By the way I hope you are praying for them...if not see the video and links below to get started. There were so many highlights this year but there is much more I need to share.


This next video discusses how we can all play a bigger role in reaching our political leaders through a ministry of prayer click here. PLEASE SHARE WITH ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS AND CHURCHES LET'S GET 100,000 BELIEVERS PRAYING FOR THEIR ELECTED AND APPOINTED POLITICAL LEADERS!!!

TO SIGN-UP at our new prayer website go to, find your state, then click the links at the top left-hand corner.


We praise God that we experienced our best year of support in 2012! As you may know, we serve based on what God provides from friends like you. In 2013 we will be praying and planning for a much greater long-term ministry impact, but we truly need a little help in monthly support, see below.

Proposed Ministry Increases in 2013

There is a church that wants me to meet weekly with a team from their church to train and equip them to reach their local political leaders. My desire is to spend more energy building up local churches to do locally, what I do at the state level. Every church I train and pass the baton off to represents an exponential ministry effort. I desire to reduplicate this ministry throughout the state, so that more political leaders are being effectively reached, and cared for, and discipled, for works of service unto our Master, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Additionally, I would like to spend a little more time writing and editing my weekly Bible studies and devotionals, so that I can send them out by way internet to our legislators and others, and as God provides for printing costs, to hand deliver hard copies of my devotionals and Bible studies both during the legislative session, and afterward for our year-round under the dome executive, staff, and lobbyist devotional prayer and Bible studies.

My plate is full-to-the-max. I need to stop doing somethings in order to begin doing new things. It makes more strategic sense to begin freeing myself from as much evening work as possible, to put more energy into reaching more political leaders in Arkansas. The good news is a minimal amount of new funding will truly make a maximum ministry impact, because we are talking about ministry reduplication. A little increase in funding will go a long way. The cost for pursuing these new phases of ministry is roughly $350 in new monthly support (for every night of evening of work that I step away from). Ideally, I would like to drop at least two nights of evening work starting in January. To make this a reality would require 10 $70 a month supporters, or 70 $10 a month supporters. Even half that amount will make a significant impact.

Please pray, and consider making a huge difference with as little as a $10 a month increase or more. I truly believe these new phases of ministry are needed at this time, worthy of extra energy and support, will enhance what we are already doing, will build up local Arkansas churches in this mission, and make an eternal kingdom impact within Arkansas’ political communities. If you would like to share what God has richly provided, by way of an end of the year gift, or help us increase monthly support, to achieve these new ministry objectives in 2013 click here.

As always, your gifts are tax-deductible.

Thank you for caring, praying, and sharing of your time, treasure and service. May God richly bless you in 2013!

Jason Palermo
State Director, Arkansas