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May 15, 2013

I wanted to send out a post-session ministry news update.  The 2013 legislative session was incredible! We had a greater ministry presence with legislators and pastors in the Arkansas Capitol than any of the previous legislative sessions. I had the privilege of participating in several events others were leading, including giving invocations before legislators and pastors and community leaders asking God to take a more central role in all of our hearts and speech and actions. I think one of the high points of the 2013 legislative session was ministering to pastors who came to the Arkansas Capitol from around the state. I had opportunities to lead several ministry tours of the Capitol which highlighted the ministry God has so graciously allowed me to have at the Capitol, and it allowed me to engage and pray for pastors in Arkansas, and invite them to pray for and with many of our elected leaders.

Many pastors expressed their appreciation for this ministry and in return have invited me to come and speak in their churches after the session, which is now, and is in part why I am writing.

Commission 100

That is the name of this initiative. We have 100 Arkansas House of Representative districts. Would it not be great to have a participating church/ministry in each of these districts? Right now I need help getting out around the state, to chip away at this goal. The ministry tours I gave at the Capitol not only highlighted the ministry God has graciously allowed me to have at the Arkansas State Capitol, but it highlights a ministry that so many churches could be having locally, to their local and state leaders. It is a chaplaincy-type ministry that can be borrowed from and applied at the local level. I would like to partner with several local churches at a time to help accomplish this task throughout Arkansas' 100 representative districts. In fact several churches already want to partner with me to see this happen, I just need a little help at this time, with getting out around the state.

In an effort to see Commission 100 realized, I am seeking to raise $450 in new monthly support. Could we use more? Absolutely, but I believe $450 in new monthly support will get things started in several new regions in Arkansas. I believe once we have begun, God will provide the additional support needed to get most of what is needed accomplished.

But at this time, I believe we just need to be faithful to respond to the ministry requests that are already before us, and trust God, and seek the funding we need, this month, so that we can start this new initiative by June 1st.

15 $30 a month supporters will get it done. There might be someone who will step up to increase our monthly funding by $200 - $300 per month and the rest will be easy. Honestly, I would be delighted if God provided 45 $10 a month supporters! Most likely it will be some mix of the above. My encouragement to our regular supporters is this I am praying for 10 of you to consider, if it is possible at this time, to raise your monthly support by $10 or more. If you need help with setting this up, please let me know, I talked with our headquarters bookkeeper, who said it will be easy to do online, or by phone. To those who might be considering supporting us on a monthly basis, now would be a very good time to start.

This initiative is one of the wisest/best things we can be doing at this time, because it will:

  • Build up local churches: equipping them to do effective works of service locally, under the careful guidance of their local church leadership throughout Arkansas.
  • Develop exponential kingdom ministry. Anytime ministry reduplication occurs, the ministry goes further than any one person can take it.
  • Limit costs: once established, we will expand the ministry through local churches throughout Arkansas, several churches at a time, using the same level of support.

The timing is urgent. I really want to get started in June, but it will ultimately come down whether or not we have the support to carry this out. Just so you know, one anonymous businessman indicated that he would be willing to rent a car for me to travel to some of my appointments several of which are 2-4 hours each way. This is how we will get it done, when everyone pitches in!

To help us meet the necessary monthly funding goals needed to accomplish this initiative click here:

Thank you for your faithful and prayerful support, and for the opportunity to serve you, and serve our leaders!

In Christ,

Jason Palermo