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May 23, 2013

I just wanted to send out a quick appeal in an effort to reach a few regions of our state. There are several churches wanting to establish ministry outreaches to local and state political leaders in their area. This is really the best time to begin this type of outreach ministry because the legislative session is now over, and the pastors who visited the Arkansas Capitol for ministry tours would like to get started doing something similar to what I have been doing at the state capitol for 7 years, but on the local level. Several pastors have asked me to visit and speak, and some would like help getting a ministry started in their area.

The only way get this ministry started, is to simply do it. But it will take a little more funding to get out there. Some of the churches are several hours away and located in southern, central and northern regions of the state, which in some cases will range from 1-8 hours of driving (round trip), including expenses for gas, food and auto maintenance.

What I would like to do is begin working with 3 or 4 churches, visiting that church and local and state political leaders with church leaders once per month, and each week work with a different church in a different region. We already have the interest for this. Then with time I would like to add a church near each of these ministry plants (but just outside their area), which would allow us to build and then maintain roughly 4-6 ongoing start-up ministry outreaches around the state at any one time. Then as these local ministries mature, I would like them to participate as advisors for other start-up ministries (for their denominations, and for others just starting out to share what they have done).

We are seeking $450 in new monthly support to get the ball rolling in 4 regions of the state. While I think it will actually cost more than this when you total gas, food and auto maintenance I am sure that our participating churches would also be willing to help cover some of the expenses. However, I do not want expenses to the determining factor for local churches desirous of launching an outreach ministry to their local political leaders; additionally I anticipate that my role will be something more akin to training wheels. Once a local church feels like they have got it, then it will not be necessary for me to be involved regularly, and I will still need roughly the same level of support to begin working with a new church.

How important is a ministry to local leaders? I believe that it is essential. Most political leaders got their start locally, so having interested churches involved with the spiritual maturation of our political leaders early in their political career will be a benefit to any city, county, state, and nation. This is clearly kingdom work, as it will build up local churches as they seek to make disciples. The other side of this is that mature believing political leaders can also be a great benefit to local churches, as churches seek their counsel in reaching their colleagues for Christ.

Would you help us reach our initial monthly support goals for this new area of ministry? I believe it will make an eternal difference, as well as a temporal one. Even if we only end up with $125 in new monthly support, it will at least allow me to add one new church to the list, and possibly another in a month or so, as we seek the funding to expand. Please be in prayer for this and thank you for helping to expanding God’s kingdom work within a very important sphere, and through this ministry, as I know you have many ministries by which you can further the gospel, and Christ's work of discipleship.

To help us reach this MONTHLY goal, you can send your tax-deductible gift through our secure website Also know that special onetime gifts are also very appreciated, but know that regular monthly support will help us establish proper budgets for this new phase of outreach.

Thank you tremendously, for your gracious partnership, lavish encouragement, regular prayers and generous financial support, we could not do what we do apart from faithful kingdom-minded people such as you!


Jason Palermo