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May 29, 2013

We Have Matching Gifts!

I want to encourage you with some very great news.

  • I have 3 very unique messages for churches and believers that most have never heard.
  • I have noticed 3 areas where most churches are deficient and these areas relate directly to prayer, the Great Commission, evangelism, and community service.
  • Almost every pastor I have talked to has given me this response "this is very convicting" and "this is very well thought out and is very encouraging."
  • I gave 5 pastoral tours at the AR state Capitol over the last few months, and nearly every pastor wants me to follow-up with them in their neck of the woods, to either speak, or build a similar ministry at the local level. This is exceedingly great news!
  • I really need your help...
  • We need to up our financial support ASAP especially our monthly support.
  • We need people to talk get many people involved. Can you help me by gathering 4-12 people to lend me their ears? No pressure will be felt, just information, and opportunities to get involved if interested.
  • We have a limited amount of matching gifts, to help get things going.
  • I would like to receive more monthly gifts and matching gifts to encourage more folks to help us help churches throughout Arkansas to grow in their faithfulness, love, and service to Christ and their neighbors.
  • I want to speak, speak, please invite me to speak at your church, small group, mission committee, any breathing believers :)

You get the idea. I think today is the last day to give a gift to impact the month of June. However, unless we get a significant response today, it looks like we will have to wait until July to begin working with churches that are several hours away. However, invite me to speak in June and July, and I will be there, and I am pretty sure people will be glad they came, and got involved.

Let's do something great together!

To contact me with any thoughts, questions, ideas or good news email me at

To make an eternal impact with even the smallest of tax-deductible special gifts, or monthly gifts, you can give through our secure online site at

I realize you have many ministry giving opportunities, so thank you for considering the incredible impact you can make, and your commitment to advancing Christ's unshakable kingdom through this ministry.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you. Christ's incomparable grace and peace be multiplied to you and yours!


Jason Palermo

State Minister of Capitol Commission in Arkansas