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June 11, 2013

What a tremendous encouragement your prayers are to us! God is so gracious, and has blessed us in wonderful ways!


  • State-wide Launches: Last month we asked for prayer as we sought increases in monthly support to begin state-wide ministry launches via local churches throughout Arkansas, and God blessed us beyond our expectations. We now have promises for even more than we had initially asked for. Thank you God! 
  • More Partners: Last month several people indicated that they would like to, for the first time begin partnering with us in an effort to strengthen local churches, and assist them with reaching their local leaders. Thank you God!
  • Economy Car: Someone GAVE us an economy car that gets around 45 MPG. We praise God for the generosity of others, as we were down to one vehicle. This gift will now help me to more economically drive the state. Thank you God!
  • Large Monthly Increase: Someone indicated that they will be supporting us with a large increase in monthly support. Thank you God!
  • Encouraged: Several people felt encouraged to step out in faith and commit to begin providing monthly support for the first time. Last month someone began supporting us for $10 a month. They shared with me how encouraged they felt to do so, and I cannot tell you how encouraged both my wife and I are as a result of their encouragement. My wife and I are so encouraged to see God working in the hearts of people, both on the giving and receiving end of this ministry. Thank you God! To God alone belongs all of the glory, stregnth and power, both now, and forevermore!


  • Grace: That God would be pleased to assist us in every way with working with local churches. Similarly,that God would assist local churches in every way, as they/we consider how God might best use them to extend His amazing grace to all who are in authority.  I am so excited!
  • Scheduling: For this month, please pray for wisdom and God's help with effective scheduling and preparation for the next several months. Also that God would prepare me and provide many speaking appointments. Whether speaking to small, medium or large groups/churches/Christian organizations etc. please pray that I would faithfully magnify the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ, and that some who hear would be saved, and that His glory would be magnified with in the hearts of all who hear.
  • Funding: Please keep praying for increases in funding. I would especially like to increase our funding by at least another $250 per month. I believe God may have already provided much of what we will need to help us get out around the state. But now the challenge is to replace the remainder of my evening "tent-making" work. While it has certainly been a blessing to have this evening work, and God has even allowed me to lead people to faith in Christ, we are at the point where I think it would be MUCH more profitable both for my family life, and for this ministry to try to be done with it ASAP. While I am currently working 4 nights a week, I believe that we are close to cutting it to 3 nights a week (Lord willing by July),  I believe that we may only need an additional $250 in increased monthly support, to cut out one more evening (i.e. down to 2 nights per week). Thank you for praying about this!

If you are interested in advancing this ministry through a regular ministry of prayer here are 3 ways:

  1. If you are already on Facebook, visit my "Capitol Commission Arkansas" page and "friend" it, as I am trying to post there on a regular basis--almost daily.
  2. If you would like to receive our monthly updates go to
  3. Join us in praying for political leaders at

If you are interested in advancing this ministry through regular tax-deductible financial gifts go to:

It only take a couple minutes to set it up through our secure website, and $10 to $25 monthly gifts REALLY do make a huge difference! Literally your gift could make the difference between being able to make a meeting with a pastor, politician, lobbyist, or staff member, the very ones Whom God urges us to pray for, and whom He wants to strengthen and utilize for His kingdom work!

Thank you for all of your interest, and for all of your encouragement, and for putting up with all of my exclamation points!  :)  May God richly bless you, according all of the riches that are truly found in Christ Jesus, who is the mediator between God and man, and who gave Himself as a ransom for many, at the proper time.


Jason Palermo

State Minister/Director/Chaplain,

Capitol Commission Arkansas