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August 20, 2013

Thank You

I want to thank you for your prayers for me and my family, and for this ministry to Arkansas' political communities. It is such an incredible blessing to minister to political leaders and their staff. Every time I go to the Capitol I am amazed at how God is working, and I have been amazed for 7 years now, and while it is always about God working providentially, according to His great wisdom, power, and might,  prayer plays a vital role, because God waits on high for His children to ask before they receive. God delights in providing to those who first ask. God richly blesses those who are faithful--as it is the prayers of the righteous that truly availeth much. So thank for remaining faithful to seek God and lift up supplications, prayers, and intercessions with thanksgiving for all people, kings and all who are in authority, including praying for us as we minister to the same. I cannot thank you enough for your regular prayers!


God regularly allows me to minister to individuals on both sides of the political divide. Even those  coming from a completely different perspective, have thanked me and expressed their appreciation for this ministry lovingly bringing them back to the Scripture, rather than back to my opinions and ideas. I have sought to lay a pattern for this ministry, by consistently ministering the Word of God, which has the power to transform lives. For this reason the apostle Paul told Timothy to "Preach the Word, in season and out of season," and it is why the apostle Paul similary claimed to know nothing else while ministering to the Corinthians, other than the Lord Jesus Christ, and Him crucified, for the salvation of sinners.


Today I would like to make a general appeal for funding, for two important areas, one is our annual vision planning trip where our ministry president, board members, state directors, and staff gather together to for 5 days for a time of fellowship, strategic planning, and spiritual refreshment. This year we plan to gather in Colorado. Typically trips like this have cost around $600 - $800, I still need to purchase tickets and would like to appeal for help with this expense. Also, my wife and my anniversary is coming up, and we would love to be able to get away for an evening or two, since this year both events are taking place in the same month, I thought I should let everyone know.

If you would like to help with a one-time gift, or would like to help us increase our regular financial support, please do so through our secure on-line giving portal by clicking here I would like to encourage you that no gift amount is too small, we have several folks who support us regularly for $10!

Thank you so much for considering this request.


Please keep praying for our ministry around the state to pastors, churches, and lawmakers. Also please pray that God would be pleased to provide us with an increase in our monthly support. We desire a increase of at least $350 in monthly support to help us offset the costs associated with regular in-state travel.

Thank you for all your prayers for us, and for the advancement of the gospel within Arkansas' political communities. Together, with God's help, and for His glory we ARE making a redemptive difference in people's lives.

In Christ's righteousness, peace, and joy!

State Minister, Capitol Commission Arkansas,

Jason Palermo