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    October 11, 2013

    Never grow tired of praying, either for this ministry or for our politicians. In this newsletter I have a couple of very encouraging ministry stories for you.

    Be Persistant in Prayer!

    While news media often make their bread and butter by selling sensations to attract viewers for their advertisers, and this usually entails showing off all or most of the “ugly,” the truth is, God by contrast never grows weary of doing His good, and perfect, and even beautiful will. God listens to the prayers of His children. God even delights in listening to His children, even though we don’t even know how to pray as we ought. Yet, God often waits until we ask Him for something (according to His will) before He ever acts to accomplish His perfect will, according to His good pleasure.

    In an earlier news letter I spoke of a prayer request that someone at the Capitol had asked me to pray for. Someone asked me to pray for a person who truly had need supernatural healing in order to awake from a comma, and in order to be able to walk again, and in order to function like they used to do. Even though the prognosis was against this, this is exactly what God in rich His mercy decided to do.

    I shared this request with a devout group of men who I knew would pray. They told me to fill out a card, so that every time they prayed, they would initial it and date it. When the card was completely filled with initials and dates with no more space to write on, they would give the card back to me so that I could give it to the person who asked for prayer, so that they could see what God did, according to their request.  Recently I had an opportunity to deliver this card to the person who requested prayer. I showed them each and every time a prayer was lifted up to God on behalf of their friend.

    This card stands a powerful reminder that God is the Great Physician, Who alone is capable of doing what is impossible for any human doctor to perform. The person who asked me to pray was glad that they did, they said they would send a photo of this card until they could deliver it in person. They also mentioned how encouraged the family would be to receive it.

    I mention this to remind you afresh how great God is, so that you may be all the more encouraged to keep praying to God to work mightily in your life and ministry and through this ministry, and in the hearts of political leaders! In first Timothy 2:1-6, the gospel in inextricably linked together with prayers for political leaders. Pray for God to do a supernatural work in the hearts of our nation’s leaders, you might be surprised one day to learn that Christ heard your prayers, and answered on your behalf.

    Faith Comes by Hearing...

    Recently when one of our state ministers was invited to speak to a church, he decided to invite a state legislator to come hear him speak. At the end of the message, our minister gave an invitation to anyone present to turn from their sin and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. That day the state legislator he invited heard God speaking through the preaching of the Word, and that day came to faith in Christ! How exciting!

    God regularly provides opportunities to proclaim the truth of the gospel to all kinds of people left, right and center. In fact each day all of us have similar opportunities. I have no doubt that this ministry will make a positive impact on future generations, because Christ is building His church through the proclamation of His glorious gospel. Thank you for your part in making it possible for me to stand in the courts of governors and kings, to herald the greatest news ever to enter the ear of sinners.

    Prayer Requests

    If you would like to focus your prayers for us, here are a few ways you can pray:

    • In a couple weeks I will be driving to Colorado to join with other state ministers from Capitol Commission. I am so honored and grateful to be in their midst, and even more so to be an ambassador of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Prince of Peace! Please pray for safe travel to Colorado and back.
    • Please pray for us as we meet with pastors and legislators around the state that God will encourage their hearts and expand their vision of ministry within their respective spheres.
    • Please pray for our funding to continue growing as we head into the end of the year. Your prayers and support are both needed and are greatly appreciated.

    May Christ strengthen you and bless you as you live fully for Him!

    Jason Palermo