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October 24, 2013

What is your most treasured earthly possession? Godly people throughout the centuries have chosen God's Word as their most treasured possession, forsaking all others, their earthly possessions, even their own life, so they might know God and hear daily from Him.

I have written a 1 page devotional for the edification of all who receive our news updates: My plan is to produce more regular devotionals of this nature. May challenge to all who want one is this: As we begin rushing toward the last portion of this year let us commit to abiding in Christ and to remainging daily in His Word.

As I reflect on this year I am so thankful for the great things God has done. God has allowed us to do things that still amaze me. I say this only to boast of the great riches that are found in Christ alone and of the great riches of His love. How He has gone to such great lengths to make His love known, and to provide forgiveness of sins to a lost and hurting and sometimes hurtful world! I am amzed even as I write this newsletter.

In politics, changes, whether good or bad, often come rapidly and usually from many directions, sometimes it seems like never-ending change. For this reason it is important to constantly renew our minds and focus our gaze on the only One Who is truly Unchanging! God remains holy even when no one is looking, God is unchanging in His plans and purpose, God is never caught by surprise because of man's folly. Even when things seem to be spiralling in all sorts of unpredictable directions (from a human perspective), God remains utterly in control. It is important to not only remind our selves of this truth but we should be always ready to share this truth and our hope with others. Just because God is in control, however does not mean that He has not given us role to play, or a responsibility to carry out within His plan and purpose. To the contrary, God wants you and me to be His active representatives and ambassadors each and every day. Therefore we need to treat every responsibility and stewardship He has entrusted to us with the care and energy it deserves.

As a minister of the gospel, I remain committed to praying for our leaders and those who support this ministry and in proclaiming salvation in Christ, through the grace and faith that God alone has provided through the Lord Jesus Christ, who alone paid the ransom price to redeem all sinners who look to Him for the forgiveness of sins, because God has called all people to turn from loving and serving sin in their life, to loving and serving God in every area of life.

What the Lord Jesus Christ provides is utterly unique:

There is none who compairs to Christ! For example:

  • There is no other prophet who has come from heaven to perfectly reveal His Father's will.
  • There is no other prophet who can say in truth "if you have seen Me, you have seen the Father."
  • There is no other prophet who lived a sinnless life, perfectly obeying the Law of God. 
  • There is no other prophet who has fulfilled all messianic prophecies thus far, and who paid the sinners sin debt in full, with His own shed blood. 
  • There is no other prophet who has risen Himself from the grave. 
  • There is no other prophet who has ascended into heaven to sit at the right hand of God, and who intceedes for all those whom the Father has given Him, to all who believe in Him. 
  • There is no other prophet who has gone away to prepare a place for all who believe in Him. 
  • There is no other prophet who will return for His people, receive their worship, and live among them as their benevolent King (over all other kings, including placing all of His enemies under His feet, and maintaining peace on earth). 
  • There is no other prophet who will fulfill all the promises God has ever made, including all of the covenants ever made to Israel. 
  • There is no other prophet who has the power over sin and death, is able to grant forgiveness of sins, and help believers to resist sin in this life.

Because there is no other prophet, priest or king like the Lord Jesus Christ, I proclaim, worship, and serve Him without apology. Because God is the creator, sustainer and giver of all life he is able to save all who call upon Him. Whereas those who rage against Him, only do so in vain, and only for a season. Because God is not mocked, one day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. For this reason God calls us to persuade men while it is still possible for them to call upon Him and be saved. Our ministry is one of urging all people to be reconcilled to God. When people who reject God eventually see Christ face to face, they will find that they will be forever sent away from Him, and suffer for every carelss word they have spoke, every evil deed they performed. However, when believers see God face to face, they will be made like God, and while have the absolute delight of entering into the joy of His rest, they will have perfect fellowship with God Who will wipe every tear from their eye, as they celebrate and glorify God together with people from every tongue and tribe and nation.

As I reflect on these and other profound truths, I am  overflowing with thanks and appreciation to God, and all who have made it possible to serve in this capacity.

This week I plan to gather with all who serve in similar capacities around the US. Please pray for us as we gather for a week of prayer, fellowship, vision planning, and the giving of thanks.

Also please pray for God's gracious provision. There is so much more that I believe God would like to see done through this ministry, and a little bit of funding could go a very long way. I am praying for  $12,000 in end of the year support, and am praying that it might be possible to see an increase in our monthly support of $500 - $1,000. I am confident God will provide according to all of our needs, and according to the glorious riches in Christ Jesus.

If you would like to invest a small portion of your earthly treasures to assist us with making an eternal difference in the lives of many, here is a secure link to our donate page

Thank you for taking the time to read, pray, and consider how you can make a huge, and very much needed difference through this ministry.

May God richly bless you as you seek Him with all of your heart!


Jason Palermo

State Minister

Capitol Commission