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December 6, 2013

As we approach the final weeks of the year I want to say thank you for all of your prayers and support. I want to take a moment to share a few ministry highlights. Since a ministry highlight involves the people God graciously allows us to interact with in our service to Him, this year I want to share what others are saying about this ministry.

When I first heard Jason describe the vision of Capitol Commission, I was delighted to know that there were already efforts underway to reach the political leaders of our state and nation. However, what really impressed me about Jason was witnessing these efforts first-hand, at the State Capitol. Jason really cares about the people he ministers to, and it shows in the depth and breadth of his personal relationships. Because of Jason’s ministry I am now committed to reaching out to my local politicians, and building God honoring relationships with them. For these reasons I highly commend the ministry of Jason Palermo, and Capitol Commission to you, and believe both are worthy of your ongoing prayers and support.

Trip Leech,

Pastor/Director of Finance and Administration, New Life Church.

I greatly appreciate Mr. Jason Palermo with Capitol Commission for the work he does at the Capitol in Little Rock. Often when individuals find them self away from home and out of their typical routine, they also find them self straying from their relationship with their Creator and Savior. Having Jason's presence in the Capitol is a constant reminder that while we are troubled about many things, one thing is needful, and we need to choose that good part. Jason and his wife and family also personally blessed my family by reaching out to us. This was particularly encouraging to my wife who was away from home and friends and family. 

Robert A. Ballinger, Attorney at Law

Arkansas State Representative, District 97

I have watched Capitol Commission's work in Arkansas and was very impressed with their approach and attitude. This is a true mission field and they approach it with the respect it deserves. My wife and I have become supporters of this important ministry.

Shane Stacks,

Justice of the Peace, Pulaski County Qurum Court

Before we close this year, I would like to provide an opportunity for you to generously support this  much needed work. I can think of no better way to honor God, our leaders, and our nation then to extend God's life transforming Word into environments with greatest need, and political environments truly have great spiritual need.  I am praying that God would provide at least $5,000 in end of the year gifts, to help us reach more leaders for Christ in 2014. We have more opportunities to share with churches, the mission and vision of this ministry, and to partner with them throughout Arkansas, I want to make this a high priority in 2014, with your help we can do this.

I would like to invite you to give an end of the year gift, and if you are not already, to become a regular monthly supporter, or if you are already supporting this ministry regularly, to pray about increasing your monthly support. I am simply an extension of a team effort, and can only work with what I have. I do not seek the gift for the sake of the gift, but I do seek the gift for what it will allow us to accomplish, and for the return Christ provides to all who serve Him, and His kingdom.

If you want make an eternal difference in a much needed sphere of ministry, by providing a tax-deductible gift to this ministry, go to It is  quick and easy to give though our secure donate page.

Another way you can make a difference is through a regular ministry of prayer. To learn more please visit our prayer website at and tell others about this site so they too can get involved with faithfully praying for our leaders as God has urged us to do.

Thank you for your interest, and for your prayers, and financial support. Together we are making a difference, and Lord willing, by the power of God's grace which is mightily at work in us, we will continue serving God, and ministering to our political leaders in 2014.

May God's grace, and peace, and love be abounding in you, your family and your church,

In Christ, Whom all spiritual blessings may be found!

Jason Palermo

State Minister,

Capitol Commission, Arkansas