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April 8, 2014

This has been an exciting year for the ministry.  


  • There is an increasing connectedness taking place around the state. I have been on the road more in 2014 than in any other year, and we hope to keep it that way.
  • I am attempting to move this ministry away from simply doing all that I can do, and into more of a state-wide team approach to ministry.
    • This means training more folks to do more than I could ever do by myself.
    • This means providing a higher impact per dollar donated. It may seem like a funny way to word things, but since we are to be good stewards of our time and treasure, we want to make every moment and dollar stretch to the max.
    • This means increased disciple-making opportunities within the team, and more from the team outward. I am so excited about moving in this direction!


  • Pray for Wisdom and Workers.
    • I have been seeking counsel from godly leaders throughout Arkansas on all kinds of things pertaining to having a greater ministry impact, and have received very good counsel and much in the way of encouragement.
    • I have drafted 12 areas where volunteer teams can provide an increased level of ministry impact. Soon I will begin the process of recruiting and training of volunteers. Please pray for God's wisdom for choosing the right people for the right tasks and teams and for God's gracious provision of kigdom workers. 
  • Pray for financial provisions. We need your help more than ever! I need to return to the work of fundraising. It has been a while since I dedicated time to this task, and it is urgent that we seek a significant increase in our monthly support. Last year we lost several hundred dollars a month, mostly from business owners who were struggling or from friends who retired. Therefore we need to not only catch back up to where we were previously, but ideally surpass where we were to assist with team building efforts around the state, as well as maintaining an increased level of year-round ministry to legislators and churches.

While there is much to do, Jenni and I and those who are assisting us with this ministry transistion are excited about the new growth and for us to be moving forward in these new and strategic ways. We are especially excited about the opportunities to build new kigndom/ministry partnerships with churches throughout Arkansas, as well as with those currently leading and serving in Arkansas' political communities.

Thank you for your partnership. Thank you also for your prayers on our behalf, and on behalf of all of Arkansas' political leaders serving our state and nation. I urge you now to pray about helping us increase our monthly support. My prayer is that God would be pleased to aid us with new monthly provisions somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,000 in new monthly support.

How will we get there? We have friends supporting this ministry for several hundred dollars each month, and others for $10 a month. No amount is too little, and ALL gifts are greatly appreciated, because ALL of our provisions are from the Lord, including every good thing that happens through this ministry. For this reason we look to God every month to provide. In light of all that God is doing, we offer opportunities and invitations for our friends to participate in, and to be both blessed and stretched in their faith by invitations to generously partner with us in the ongoing expansion work of God's unshakable kingdom.

If you can assist with ANY amount, either as a special gift or on a regular basis, the easiest way most folks have found to give is through our secure website. Simply click on the following link 

If you are on Facebook and want to connect with us please like Capitol Commission Arkansas.

Thank you for your passion and your consideration,

Sincerely, in Christ,

Jason Palermo

State Minister--Capitol Commission Arkansas