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July 4, 2014

 May you and yours have a happy, safe, and thankful 4th of July!

Our kids 4th of July 2014

Thank you for your, encouragement, prayers and help with the great cause of reaching capitol communities for Christ. More than votes are needed to keep our country free, only God powerfully working in the hearts of our leaders, and in the hearts of our nation, will make the difference.

Join with me and my family, in praying with thankfulness to God for the freedoms we have known in this nation for 238 years, and as we pray for God's continued peace and freedom for another 238 + years, or until Christ returns!

God richly bless you according to the riches of His grace, and according to the knowledge of His will for you, in Christ Jesus the Lord!

PS Please note in the above photo, our newest arrival, Ellen Maria Palermo. We are praising God for His wonderful and precious gifts!


Jason and Jenni, and the whole Palermo family!