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December 11, 2014

Thank you for blessing this ministry with your support this year. As time passes God continues to open new vistas of ministry with increased ministry opportunities. I am continually mindful of the fact that as God grows this ministry, I am increasing dependent upon God and others. Teamwork is essential and the only way I can imagine getting anything of significance done.

There are at least three key elements to an effective God-glorifying mission team. One key element to a mission team working effectively together is being of the same mind with regard to prayer. It entails the ability to pray together in the same direction. Thanks to faithful partners and the prayer tool, many people are now praying daily and weekly for our state and US level political leaders. In view of our mission, it is essential that many people regularly pray for God to do great things in our state and nation (i.e. through its citizens), and also through its representative and appointed leaders. I believe 1 Timothy 2:1-8 addresses this as a universal call for all believers to make it their first priority to pray for all people, kings, and all who are in authority. A second key element to an effective mission team is having an adequate number of ministry partners. This coming year I will seek to increase the number of partners we have (i.e. churches, individuals, and businesses). Please pray for these pursuits. A third key element of an effective mission includes having a sufficient number of regular financial investors who are willing to invest in God’s kingdom work. Pray that God would mightily move more people to not only embrace the vision of this mission, but also to empower it to advance, so that more people might be reached.

It is part of my job description to seek to constantly grow each of these three elements, if not numerically than certainly in terms of spiritual depth. At this time of the year I especially want to address fiscal investments. I want to extend every opportunity to our ministry partners to advance God's kingdom work within Arkansas’ Capitol Community, so that we can not only effectively reach this community during the legislative session but also beyond. God has richly blessed us with countless opportunities to minister to those leading and serving in Arkansas’ Capitol community. Arkansas’ Capitol community includes Executive Officers and their staff, legislators and lobbyists and their staff, and occasionally people from the judicial branch. This year I have had increased opportunities to interact with US level leaders and their staff, and many more pastors than in any of the previous years. I have received many letters of thanks for the service that God and ministry partners like you have enabled me to provide. I look forward to visiting legislators in their district, after next year’s legislative session, and visiting with their pastors, as well as speaking in churches to encourage believers with the biblical vision of praying for, and ministering to the leaders and support staff in their area, and provide them with an opportunity to partner with us.

I am excited about both the end of the year, and the starting of a new year. This coming year we will see great changes. Five out of the seven constitutional officers will be newly elected. That is a huge change to the culture under the dome. This means many will be leaving, and many will be arriving, while others will simply be changing who they work for.

The opportunities for ministry have never been greater! That is why I am asking not only for your prayers for God to use this ministry in new and wonderful ways, to build up believers, and to extend the message of hope to those who have never personally made a decision to receive and follow Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, but I am also asking for your fiscal investment.

I am asking for your participation for two reasons. First because while the gospel is free to all, the truth is it costs something to bring it to others, and secondly because even beyond the gift itself, God has moved my heart to the place where I can say along with the Apostle Paul, in Philippians 4:17 “Not that I seek the gift itself, but I seek for the profit which increases to your account.” Why is this at least as exciting if not even more so? Because I believe God will provide for me because He is a gracious God. But, if through my labors, He motivates you to enlarge your portion through giving to His kingdom work, His kingdom work is expanding within your heart.

So what investment goal am I seeking? In view of this coming year’s legislative session,  I am personally praying for God to provide $6,000 in end of the year support, along with a monthly increase of $400 or more.

I am very thankful for your interest in this ministry, and for your prayerful consideration of this request. If you want to invest in this kingdom work, please send your special end of the year and/or monthly gift/s through the donate section of our website at:


If you prefer to mail your gift (please indicate that you desire your gift to go to the Arkansas ministry) please send it to:


Capitol Commission

PO BOX 63118

Charlotte, NC 28263-3118


I am incredibly grateful to represent Christ, and you, as an ambassador of the King of kings, to kings and all who are in authority. I am amazed that God, according to the riches of His grace, has called me, to represent the One whose kingdom cannot ever be shaken.

May God truly bless you and yours as we approach Christmas, and may God’s knowledge, love and grace abound to and through you in the coming New Year!


Jason Palermo

State Minister, Capitol Commission AR