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    October 18, 2011


    1. For Fiscal Growth—recent increases in monthly support are helping us reach more people within the Capitol community for Christ.
    2. For Field Growth—within the last few weeks,several new government departments have opened up to us, which has increased the number of people we can now serve on a regular basis. Each week, people are expressing that they never knew a ministry like ours existed, and how thankful they are that we are here.
    3. For Responsibility Growth—with increased fiscal and field growth have come increased responsibilities, and opportunities to exalt God. We give God all of the glory!


    1. For Greater Christ-likeness in life and ministry—we want to continue growing in greater Christ-likeness so that our life and service increasingly point to and resemble Christ.
    2. For God’s Comfort—recently, a Capitol Police officer for over 20 years, died during his shift. Please pray for his family, friends and co-workers.
    3. For Grief Counseling—we are now being utilized to provide grief counseling within the Capitol community, pray that God would draw people to Himself when they are hurting, so others might experience God’s indescribable love, comfort.
    4. For Increased Funding—God has openned several new government departments for ministry, and it looks like more will soon be openning. We want to keep pace with the growth. By moving the ministry into a full-time mode, it will be easier to include my wife Jennifer in more of what I do, which would add a wonderful new dimension to this ministry, and greatly benefit those we serve. We are praying for an increased $500 in monthly funding for the month of October. For every $500 in new monthly support we can drop an entire evening of supplemental work each week.

    Is God calling you to make a greater impact?

    Many are attesting to the problems within our government. Some are simply complaining, feeling like there is nothing they can do to make a positive difference. Reaching our leaders and staff for Christ, and encouraging them to give God first place in everything is something God has been blessing. Is God leading you to be a part of the solution to our government's greatest need by helping us reach our monthly support goals, and thereby freeing us to be reaching more within this community for Christ? If so, click here.

    Thank you for praying, thank you for your financial partnership, and thank you for making an eternal difference in the lives of our political leaders and their staff.

    Your missionary to the Capitol,

    Jason Palermo
    State Director, Arkansas