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December 11, 2009

Merry Christmas! We at Capitol Commission Arkansas hope you and your loved ones are enjoying this wonderful Christmas season as we celebrate the advent or our Lord Jesus Christ. We appreciate your love for Him and your desire to see His saving gospel and Word active in the lives and decisions of our political leaders in Arkansas. Thank you for participating in this wonderful opportunity for the gospel to bear eternal fruit here in Arkansas our nation and ultimately throughout the world.

This year has been a year of progress for the ministry. During the legislative session we made the gospel available to every Arkansas state legislator, participated in a weekly legislator-led Bible study, and taught a weekly Bible study that all legislators were invited to attend, also in participation were lobbyists and staff members. Copies of the studies were sent to the entire legislative community and to many others. We also distributed thousands of prayer guides so that God’s people could remember to prayer for the leaders whom God has appointed.

Also in 2009 God provided us with David Cleveland. David attended our annual Capitol Commission "planning & training" meeting in North Carolina, and will help us in our goal to reach more political leaders for Christ.

Lastly, in 2009 our expenditures both for the ministry and my family support fell somewhat short. We decided to sell our home and downsized to an apartment. With this and some other things we were able to cut our expenses by about $1000 per month. However, we do not think it according to godly wisdom for my family or the ministry to continue at this financial level indefinitely. The ministry should be funded at a level that would honor the Lord before those to whom we desire to minister and influence for Him.

As we look forward to 2010, we plan to begin a new Bible study series covering the character and attributes of God. Amidst the chaos, trials and challenges we all face, there is One who is in control, who is all good, who transforms and restores souls, and who never changes. Upon the knowledge of God, good and lasting institutions can be established. We also plan to hold two banquets to further aid us in acquiring our needed funding. Then on “election eve” we plan to hold a prayer walk and cookout at the Capitol.

If you could make a generous year-end gift to this ministry, and would prayerfully consider increasing your contributions for next year, we would certainly appreciate that. The need is for an additional $10,000 by year end (we are almost ½ way there), and at least $25,000 additional next year. To donate electronically go to

If you would like to receive our “regular mail” updates please email me at This would be a great help to me in communicating, especially since certain communications can only take place in this way. Thank you again for being an indispensable part of this work. Together we can make a huge temporal and eternal difference in the lives of those who lead our state, nation, and the world in which we, and our progeny live.

May the riches found only in Christ be yours in abundance,

Jason Palermo