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December 30, 2014

An Encouraging Phone Call

Yesterday I received a phone call from someone God has given me the honor and privilege of ministering to for around 6 - 7 years. His time of service to the state of Arkansas is most likely coming to an end. He called for a few reasons. He had a ministry related question, based on a conversation they had with a colleague. He wanted to make sure that he responded to his friend's question in a way that was in agreement with God's Word, and in a way that honored God and the person he was to whom he was ministering. He also wanted to thank and encourage me for answering God's call to minister in the Capitol, especially since it was through this ministry that the gospel was presented and he responded in faith and repentance. 

I share this to boast not in myself, but in God, and the power of His gospel to change hearts and minds and to thank everyone who has contributed to this ministry by way of prayer and any other support, be it financial, or an encouraging word, or the sharing of wisdom. When believers work together for the sake of the gospel much is accomplished. I believe that God is going to continue accomplishing great things in 2015. 

I am working on something new that I am very excited about, but it is still in the works. All I ask is that you continue steadfast in prayer, and if you are a Christian business owner, please contact me as soon as possible (better yet just respond to this as soon as you read it), as I am trying something that I believe will effectively minister to more legislators in a new way, and might be of some interest to you.

Time is Running Out

Can you believe we have less than two days left in 2014? I thank God for blessing our end of the year efforts thus far. We sought $6,000 in special gifts, and so far it looks like God has provided close to $4,000, which according to old math rules means we are seeking to raise just a little over $2,000. $2,375 to be exact, before mid-night tomorrow. As always, all gifts are tax-deductible, but to receive credit for 2014 taxes, gifts must be sent before midnight tomorrow.

Perhaps you have been praying about where to invest some of God's kingdom treasure beyond what you are already giving to your local church, and other ministries, but you are still contemplating.


Crossing the End of the Year Finish Line

Sometimes raising support can feel like running a marathon race. Running a marathon takes effort but is exhilarating. Each step takes you that much closer to the finish line, and you wonder if you'll reach your goal, sometimes it is the cheering and encouragement that people provide that enables you to finish well. Similarly, as I approach the end of the year, and have opportunity to hear from and speak to many people, there is a great sense of encouragement and excitement, especially as we get ready for the coming legislative session in 2015. As far as monthly support goals go, I am not aware of any new increases as of yet, but will continue praying and seeking to increase support by around $400 to $500 monthly. I am praying that God may lead some people to respond to this end of the year appeal, to help us reach our not only our fiscal goal but more people with the gospel of Christ.

Is God is leading you to help team Capitol Commission Arkansas finish well in 2015? If so please click here

Thank you again for the privilege of serving you and our capitol community in this capacity, your prayers and partnership are truly an encouragement to me and those I have the privilege of serving.


Jason Palermo

State Minister,

Capitol Commission, Arkansas


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