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March 13, 2015

Ministry Overview

We have had an amazing legislative session thus far. God has allowed us to partner with many people to put together a truly extraordinary ministry team.

I have partnered with Christian business leaders, and churches who are providing weekly dinner events for legislators and others in Arkansas political community. Additionally, I team teaching through the Gospel of Mark with a team of pastors and seminary professors to offer a rich diet of expository Bible teaching at our dinner events.

God has granted us an hour and half each week to minister to our Capitol Community. At first I thought the time might be too long, but we have broken the time down into roughly 3 segments: A time for dinner and fellowship, a time to hear an inspiring message from the Gospel of Mark, and a time to pray. Because we have 3 segments legislators can come and go without feeling like they are interrupting, but most stay for the whole time and have really benefited.


Ministry Fruit

One legislator shared how meaningful these times have been to him. He shared that God has impressed upon his heart that he needs to take the Scriptural message of repentance more seriously, and that he has been encouraged through our studies to give God his best, even when times get both busy and hectic he has felt a God-given conviction to remain in God’s Word, and in prayer, rather than trying to gain time by cutting these out.


Live Radio Interview

This morning God provided an opportunity to go live on the radio at 8:30 AM to share the vision of Capitol Commission with morning commuters on  It was a lot of fun.


A Pastors’ and Partners’ Ministry Tour of the Capitol

Next Tuesday, March, 17, I plan to lead a pastors’ and partners' ministry tour of the Capitol from 9:30 AM through 11 AM. We plan to meet with several of Arkansas’ Constitution Officers, take a tour of their offices, and pray for the officer and his or her respective staff.

If you are a pastor, ministry leader, or ministry partner, and would like to join us for this tour, please RSVP with me . Thank you so much,

P.S. I am responsible for raising all of my ministry support. Currently I am seeking to increase Capitol Commission Arkansas’ monthly support by $400, and our annual support by $4,800. If you would like to help us reach more of our capitol community for Christ by partnering with us financially, either with a one-time gift, or on a monthly basis, you can give through our simple and secure online giving portal Give Here or schedule a time to meet with me to Learn More. I truly thank God for your partnership. God via this ministry is changing lives!


Thank you for your interest,

Thank you for your prayers,

Thank you for your financial investments,



Jason Palermo

Arkansas State Minister, Capitol Commission

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