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    October 7, 2015

    Time to Boast in our LORD!

    This is a quick update to boast about God and His work in our Capitol communities. I am writing this so you can join with us in praising Him, and to provide you with an opportunity to partner with us in further ministry expansion. 


    God who is sovereign has graciously allowed me to establish two new weekly groups:

    1. The 1st group is a men’s congressional staff group.
    2. The 2nd is a prayer luncheon for all who are leading and serving within the AR Capitol community. We have had new people attend almost every week since we started; members from several executive offices at the state and national level are regularly attending.

    Prayer Requests

    I have received requests to start additional groups:

    1. There is a request to establish a state agency prayer group., similar to the group listed above. Please pray for this launch, that God would provide a meeting place, and that it would have the necessary approval and wide participation.
    2. There is an additional request to launch a new expository Bible study group. Pray that God will cause a great hunger for His Word within our Capitol, and that God would chose to build up our Capitol communities through these efforts.

    We are praying for the launch of four new satellite groups in two new locations in our state (2 additional prayer groups and 2 additional men's groups).

    For further consideration:

    1. God hears your prayers and is answering many of your prayers in the affirmative, so please continue steadfast in prayers for the leaders of our state and nation, their staff, the lobbying communities, the pastors of our state and nation, and for us!!!
    2. Please prayerfully consider increasing your financial partnership, or if you are not currently supporting this ministry, please consider doing so. I am interacting more at the federal level than ever before, and am planning to partner with others in our ministry to make an eternal difference in the lives of those leading and serving our state and nation in Washington D.C. Further, I plan to increase our staff, and in order to do so, will need to expand and increase our resource base. Currently we are prayerfully seeking to increase monthly funding by $1,500, and are seeking $7,000 in year end support Click here to donate now.

    Thank you tremendously for your participation in the gospel, great things are possible when good people work together, let's turn more good ideas into great realities!  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, and please let me know if I can be of assistance.

    PS we are looking to increase ministry partnership with churches and individuals throughout Arkansas! Maybe your church, or a few people from your church would like to partner with us, we will never know unless we explore the possibility, if you would like to help us reach your local church, please email me to learn more.  


    Thank you,


    Jason Palermo

    State Minister, Capitol Commission