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May 19, 2012

What ministry endeavours have we been up to?

By "we" I do mean me, but in some cases my wife and I, and in another sense all who have partnered with us to makes what "we" do possible.

Praiseworthy Ministry Highlights

Professions of Faith

  • Earlier this year a couple of folks made professions of faith in Christ. Both people commented that God used our relationship and conversations to reveal their need of a Lord and Savior. One person said, “I have heard what you have said, and I have been watching you live it, and I really want what you have.” After explaining the gospel more fully to him, and hearing of his expressed desire to receive Christ as Lord and Savior, I had the joy of leading him in prayer to receive Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. To God be ALL of the glory!

Capitol Visitation

  • In early 2011, I began filling a chaplaincy need/role within the Arkansas State Capitol. I meet regularly with political leaders, lobbyists and staff working year-round under and around the dome. Just being available means a lot to folks. During a recent visit, I was asked to pray for, and if possible visit a friend's relative who was in hospice. I am so glad I was able to be there. Through your partnership it is possible to extend God's grace not only to those who lead and serve in government, but also to their family and loved ones. Thank you for the privledge of representing God and you!

Pastoral Visitation

  • Earlier this year I had the privilege of attending a 2-day pastors’ prayer retreat. One of the pastors at this retreat expressed a desire to partner with us in ministry. This is exciting news, because it may allow this ministry to grow exponentially. Whereas previously we have been engaged mostly at the state level, and much of the ministry was limited to what I can do. I believe that we may be beginning what looks like a state-wide ministry expansion, via local churches. By training, coaching, mentoring, and going along with pastors who desire to have a ministry to their local and state-level political leaders, we are essentially doing ministry plants, across the state. We are helping pastors to meet their leaders and begin establishing redemptive relationships within their respective local political communities. This has been exciting and is giving me a greater appreciation for and connection with communities around Arkansas. Through these efforts we are seeing the beginning of exponential growth occurring. At this point, I am imparting some of the things God has taught me through six years of ministering to political leaders. I am so excited, and I hope you are too!


We have new fiscal needs in two areas, special gifts and monthly support.

Special Gifts

We have need of special gifts to cover the costs associated with:

  1. Our prayer blog will be released soon; the start-up cost is $500.

  2. Later this year, I will have a one-time cost associated with our annual staff meeting, these trips run from $750 - $1,000.

  3. Also if God provides enough funds to cover the above two items then I have an opportunity to join our national organization at the ALEC Conference in Salt Lake City Utah. This trip is in early July. I already have most of the costs associated with this trip covered, but since I do not have the first two items covered yet, and they are higher priority items, I will consider this last one more of a wait and see. However, the benefit of attending the ALEC Conference is that it would allow us to spiritually serve the political leaders who are in attendance; it would facilitate national expansion efforts, and would allow me to personally represent Arkansas.

Monthly Support

We are experiencing exponential growth through training pastors to reach their local and state political leaders. But it costs money to drive around the state. We are looking to raise at least $1,000 in new monthly funding to cover the expenses associated with regular state-wide travel. The pastors I am working with are excited, and so are the political leaders we have approached. The need to reach political leaders for Christ, and disciple them, has never been more needed in our country. Is it just me, or does our nation seem like it is in a fiscal and moral freefall? One pastor commented that our nation is experiencing something of a stage-four cancer. He believes that it would take nothing short of a miracle for our nation to recover from the current direction we have been heading. Yet, if a miracle were to take place, it would come from God, via the local church, and the power of the gospel would change the hearts of many in our nation including those of its leaders. My response is let's do something about it. Let us do what we can.

Please pray that the gospel would continue extending exponentially throughout Arkansas, and that God would provide the monthly support necessary for reaching every political leader and every political community in Arkansas. This is not a time to sulk, or get bummed out about politics, rather it is a time for faithfulness, and active involvement in the eternal and genuine hope, and peace, and change that God alone can offer man via the gospel and discipleship.

If God has given you the financial means, then please consider making an eternal difference right now, by helping us reach more pastors and church communities, who will in turn reach more political leaders. I assure you that together our efforts are making a difference, and the difference will be all the greater with each pastor that is equipped to more effectively reach their local leaders.

Recently I met with one political leader who was very pleased about the direction we are pursuing, he thought that these efforts could literally help “change the world.”

Help us change the world! Your help by way of tax deductible special gifts, or helping us increase monthly support will help us plant many needed local outreaches throughout Arkansas click here.

My wife Jenni and I are serious about making a difference, Jenni has been attending a number of meetings with me, especially meetings with pastors and their wives, and in some cases with political leaders and their wives. We want to partner with more believers and more churches who are serious about making a difference. We thank you for whatever part God might have you play in helping us to reach more leaders for Christ, via local churches throughout Arkansas. It is all about Christ's command to go and make disciples, He deserves our worship, and is worthy of all the glory in the church, and as the church manifests and proclaims His life transforming grace, governing leaders will be saved, and will desire to grow in the grace and knowledge of the truth. I have no doubt that God's grace and truth is sufficient to provide the necessary foundation and discernemnt grids necessary for for political leaders to glorify Him while serving in office.

Would you like to see more leaders seeking to glorify God, manifested by their personal integrity and by the decisions they make while in office? We sure would. It is not overly complicated, Christ told us how change takes place: pray (1 Timothy 2:1-4); and go “make disciples,” (Matthew 28:19-20). Christ promises to be with us until the end, therefore we ought to be greatly encouraged and faithful until the end. We appreciate your friendship and generous partnership at this time, in this cause.

May God be your Great Encouragement!

Jason (& Jenni) Palermo
State Director, Arkansas