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December 1, 2015

Today is Giving Tuesday!


While Giving Tuesday might seem like an apt description of what typically happens this time of year, the truth is we are in the midst of some very significant ministry changes.

Many, including my wife, have encouraged me to begin making the transition from bi-vocational to full-time ministry. I believe this may be the time to go for it. Currently I am leading and/or participating in 5 plus groups, and there are still several more groups that I believe would be very strategically beneficial to begin, and/or participate. The Word of God does not return void, and we are regularly witnessing this this spiritual reality, and are thus motivated to press on.

There is much to learn from ministering to those leading and serving at the federal, state and local levels. One of the main benefits of doing so is that it makes it possible to better serve local churches that wish to minister to the same. By assisting churches, ministry becomes exponential, and we are witnessing God-glorifying results from these efforts. Several pastors have indicated that they are now actively involved with both praying daily for and reaching out to the political leaders in their area!

As people come to faith in Christ, discipleship is critical, and that is another reason why I am working on integrating all of my various ministry involvements with faithful local churches. By taking a team approach to ministry the work of completing people in Christ is more magnificently achieved.

In an effort to move toward this goal of full-time ministry, which then allows us to reach many more, I am attempting to raise $450 in new monthly support by the end of this month, as well as raise $3,000 in year-end support. Would you help us reach this mark?

You can help meet the spiritual and emotional needs of our political leaders and staff in ways that glorify the Lord, and carry out the Great Commission within Arkansas' political communities to do so now click here.

Together we will make history in Arkansas, and serve in the Lord and our leaders in ways that exalt the Lord our God, and truly bless those who are committed to serving our great state, and nation.

Thank you for your prayers and participation in this Christ centered ministry, many more people are getting involved, and we are witnessing a synergism that we have never witness before in Arkansas. I can only praise God for it, as every good and perfect gift comes from Him. Thank you for the privilege of representing you and Christ before our leaders, and thank you for helping to keep this very strategic ministry in mind on Giving Tuesday!


Jason Palermo

State Minister, Capitol Commission Arkansas