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May 30, 2016

The 2016 Fiscal Session Summary

A quick ministry update regarding the 2016 fiscal session. We had a very busy and intense fiscal session. During this short but compact fiscal session we held:

  • 2 weekly prayer and Bible study groups
  • 2 Pastors' and Partners' Commission to the Capitol Days, as well as
  • 4 Arkansas Capitol prayer walks and ministry tours

We had a lot of fun, and a very full ministry plate. God allowed us to meet many new people who attended our Pastors' and Partners Commission, and prayer walks. 

In addition to these events, with the help of my advisory board, we held a Capitol Commission Awareness Luncheon for 110 people in Little Rock, we had a mirco-version of this event in Hot Springs Arkansas, and we are planning another larger event in North West Arkansas soon, as well as in a few other locations around the Great State of Arkansas later this year.

First TV Appearance!

Today on Memorial Day, I had the privilege of being on the TV program Arkansas Alive, which aired today at 7 AM; 5 & 10 PM this evening.

If you would like to see this program, and me sharing some of the mission and vision of Capitol Commission in Arkansas, here is a link Arkansas Alive Program. Also, please feel free to share this with your friends.

We appreciate the opportunity to share our message and ministry with so many folks. I was told that VTN has over 1.2 million viewers, which will certainly aid us with spreading awareness of this very strategic ministry.

Thank You!

I always want to say thank you for all your prayers for our leaders and for us as we seek to reach all within Arkansas' Capitol communities with the message of hope and redemption we have found in Christ Jesus our Lord. Also, a big thank you to friends like you who have helped make this possible through your generous financial gifts. It is exciting when God frees us to give to His kingdom work, and it is exciting to see a great mission realized. 

Even though the future may seem uncertain when you turn on the news, the future is always secure in Christ. He has a plan for the future. He also has a plan for you and me for today, which includes living for why we were created, namely to bring Him glory, and to love and worship Him, as He conforms all of His children into great Christ-likeness. Similar to our purpose is our mission. We must distinguish the two, and we must make glorifying God an even higher priority to carrying out his mission, lest we fail and make the mission all important, even at the risk of carrying it out in a way that fails to glorify His Great Name. This being said, God is calling all believers to be on mission, which is participating in some way with what Christ referred to as the Great Commission. Simply put we are helping carry out the Great Commission within the Capitol Communities of state Capitols, in DC and around the world.

Thank you for all you are doing in this regard,

PS Here is a link to How to Pray for Political Leaders that I mentioned on the TV program, 

God richly bless you,


Jason Palermo

State Minister,

Capitol Commission, Arkansas


Post Office Box 3513

Little Rock, Arkansas 72203


Cell:   501.366.2557

National Web Site: http://www.CapitolCom.Org

AR Web Site: http://www.CapitolCom.Org/Arkansas

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