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    January 7, 2017

    The 91st Arkansas General Assembly Legislative Session is almost upon us!

    The session begins January 9, and is a 60 day legislative session, which means that it will probably go though at least the entire month of March, and can be extended into April if deemed necessary.

    With this in mind here are a few ways you can partner with us:

    • Pray for our leaders, below are three ways you can do so in obedience to 1 Timothy 2:

      • Print out our Prayer Calendar and keep it somewhere where you can take 1-2 minutes to pray daily.
      • Go to our Prayer Website and sign up to receive daily prayer reminders to pray for different political leaders every day.
      • Print out our How to Pray for Political Leaders to pray God's will for our leaders. 
    • Pray for us too!

      • We can use prayer for God to work powerfully in and through us to help us glorify Him  in thought, word and deed as we ought.
      • Pray that God's Word will go forth throughout the entire Capitol community in power, and aid our leaders in glorifying him.
      • Pray that God will keep our family healthy and strong during the session,
      • Pray that God will provide all the funding we need to serve Him with excellence.
    • Sponsor a weekly dinner during the legislative session

      • Depending on the size of our weekly group, we estimate needing around $125-$250 weekly
      • To sponsor one or more dinners click here.
    • Sponsor a weekly Bible study during the legislative session

      •  We would like to raise around $170 - $250 weekly to print Bible studies to distribute to all our legislators
      •  To sponsor one or more Bible studies click here.


    God has done great things in 2016, pray that 2017 will be even better!

    God richly bless you as you seek Him daily,


    Jason Palermo

    Arkansas State Minister


    Post Office Box 3513

    Little Rock, Arkansas 72203


    Cell:   501.366.2557

    National Web Site: http://www.CapitolCom.Org

    AR Web Site: http://www.CapitolCom.Org/Arkansas

    Prayer Site: http://Pray1Tim2.org/states/ar

    Email: Jason.Palermo@CapitolCom.org