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    July 11, 2017

    Thank you for your support of this ministry, we count it a great privilege to do what we do, and are thankful that you would take a few minutes to read our news update. I have some important news and want to keep you informed on what God has allowed us to do, and want to tell you about some upcoming opportunities, as well as share some ways you can pray and help

    Legislative Session Overview

    We had an outstanding legislative session

    • We completed the Gospel of Mark at our weekly Legislator's Bible Study and Prayer Dinner. What a rich blessing it was to study and teach through this Gospel with our legislators!
    • We launched a Torah Immersion Event at the Arkansas State Capitol. This was a very unique event and really a first of its kind. Interest has grown both nationally and internationally, and an organization was birthed called Mikra Corporation to help facilitate Torah Scroll research and future exhibits. To learn more and see some photos from the Arkansas state Capitol exhibit click here.
    • We had a Pastor's and Partner's Commission to the Capitol event that allowed us to encourage pastors to pray for our leaders and for us, and welcome them to partner with us in reaching Arkansas' Capitol communities for Christ.
    • We also launched a Donuts and Books table this session. We set up a prayer table along with some great Christian literature, so that people could learn more about Capitol Commission and have access to great resources to help them know and grow in the grace of God. We had many opportunities to pray with people who work at the Capitol or were passing through, as well as share the hope we have in Christ.

    Speaking Opportunities

    I Praise God for  providing the following opportunities to glorify Him

    • The opportunity to share the vision of Capitol Commission at the church of one of Arkansas’ Constitutional officers. Jenni and I traveled there during the time when floods were breaking out and by God's grace the roads opened the Sunday morning I was scheduled to speak. The fellowship was sweet and there was a great response and commitment from the leadership and congregation to pray for our leaders and for us.
    • I plan to speak at the Bible Church of Beebe on the Sunday morning of July 30th. For location information click here.
    • I plan have a booth at the In Christ Alone Conference on August 26. If you would like to attend this free event, or get more information click here.
    • This Saturday, my wife Jenni and I will attend a Phase 1 training for certification in biblical counseling. We are doing this to sharpen our discipleship and counseling skills. If you have a desire to do the same and want more information on this, please contact me.

    Prayerful Desires for the Near Future

    My beloved wife Jenni has expressed her desire to minister with me at the Arkansas State Capitol. She desires to minister to the women who lead and serve there. The plan is to begin our first women’s study in the fall with Jenni leading this group. I plan to gather with the men, as well as have several men’s discipleship groups and either weekly or monthly time where all can gather for a time of Bible study and fellowship. We believe this dynamic shift will help us better serve and minister God’s grace in a far more effective way to more people within Arkansas' Capitol community. Please keep this new phase of ministry in your prayer.

    We could really use your prayer and partnership in a couple strategic areas:


    We are attempting to raise $1,600 by next month to help Jenni and I travel to Colorado to meet with the entire Capitol Commission team at the Navigators Conference and Training Center in Colorado. Since Jenni desires to begin regularly ministering to the women who lead and serve at the Arkansas State Capitol, our national team would like her to attend our annual Capitol Commission meeting there, to pray with her, and encourage her as she begins to serve in this new capacity. I believe that it will be very encouraging for her, if she is able to attend but in order for this to happen we need to raise some extra funds. If you are able and would like to help in this way by providing a one time gift, please click here.

    Another area that I would ask you to pray for and consider assisting with is with ongoing monthly support. We are so close to freeing me for another evening late-night work. Join with us in praying for God to help us raise $125 in new monthly support by next month. While this may not sound like much to you, this is the remainder of how much we have left to raise in monthly support for us to drop another evening of late night supplementary work. It will greatly aid this ministry to raise this monthly amount. If you would like to help advance the ministry to strategically advance in this way, please click here.


    Jenni and I so appreciate your commitment to exalting God’s glory and expanding His kingdom through your loving prayers, and encouragement, including your financial support, which enables us to carry out this work and be a blessing to our leaders. Our hearts overflow with gratitude to God and all who make it possible to serve God in this way. Thank you!

    God richly bless you. Know that you too are in our prayers!

    If there is any way we can encourage you in your relationship with Christ, please do not hesitate to ask. We would count it all joy to minister to you through prayer, or in some other way. So please, if you have is any need, let us know how we can be a blessing to you.

    Sincerely, in the strong grace of our Lord,


    Jason Palermo

    Arkansas State Minister

    Post Office Box 3513

    Little Rock, Arkansas 72203

    Cell:   501.366.2557

    National Web Site: http://www.CapitolCom.Org

    AR Web Site: http://www.CapitolCom.Org/Arkansas

    Prayer Site: http://Pray1Tim2.org/states/ar

    Email: Jason.Palermo@CapitolCom.org