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    November 28, 2017

    Since today is Giving Tuesday, it seems like a great time to say thank you for your part, and to remind you why this ministry is so important. 

    It is no accident that leaders are raised to great heights, when they are elected or appointed to positions of authority within the realm of political and public service. Scripture tells us that in addition to the votes of men God raises leaders and nations up, and He also brings them down.

    Often the good that our leaders and their staff do goes unreported, ignored or misreported. "No good deed goes unpunished", is a common experience whenever public service and leadership is in view. Like you and me leaders are just people, and like you and me, they too err. Sometimes, leaders fall and stumble in their personal and public life, and when these become known, it can make a bad situation worse.

    We exist to reach these communities for Christ and are helping to make sense of life through the lens of Scripture. We are leading men and women's prayer and discipleship groups, and lead expository Bible studies at the Arkansas State Capitol, and advancing expository preaching and the strengthening of local churches, throughout Arkansas.

    While there is much more that can be said about what God has done and is doing through this ministry, I know you are busy so for now I will just say thank you so very much for your prayers and partnership. You are greatly appreciated!

    If you wish to provide a generous tax-deductible gift click here.

    Thank you for your time and your service to our Great God and King!


    Jason Palermo