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December 27, 2017

Now for the year-end wrap-up

This year Jenni and I were able to attend the annual Capitol Commission gathering TOGETHER. It was a great treat because normally Jenni is holding down the fort at home while I attend. With God's help, family graciously watched and cared for our four children, freeing us both up to attend.


Capitol Commission Group Photo 2017

Over the last several years I have been praying for God to provide a Women's Chaplain or a Director of Women's Ministry to fill the need of ministering and caring for the many women who work at the AR State Capitol. During our trip to Colorado God confirmed the right gal for the job.

Jennifer Palermo in CO 2017

My wife Jenni has had it on her heart to minister to the women who work at the capitol for years, but she has been tending our young flock at home. She has been homeschooling our 4 children, teaching at a local home school academy, and teaching and serving in children's ministry at our local church. Prior to my service as the state director and minister with Capitol Commission, Jenni worked in the corporate office of one of the largest home builders in the country. So I trust that she really understands well, how to care for people, how to handle the Word of God accurately, and I trust her real world familiarity with the pressures that accompany life and ministry in the corporate culture. Through my participation in this ministry, she has also become familiar with ministering to those in the Arkansas State Capitol culture. Now that most of our kids are in school, Jenni has a little more time to serve the women of Arkansas' Capitol community.

To help keep Jenni and me sharp, we have been studying to become certified biblical counselors. Immediately after returning from Colorado, Jenni joined a group from our local church to attend the ACBC biblical counseling conference in Florida.

Upon Jenni's return from Florida, we met with the women at the AR Capitol who attend my year-round expository Bible study, and they were very supportive of Jenni launching a Women's Bible study and prayer group. Shortly thereafter Jenni started the first Capitol Commission women's Bible study and care group at the AR Capitol. She has just completed her study for this year, and plans to resume her group in January.

One of the fruits of Jenifer's ministry is that more women at the AR State Capitol are being reached than were previously through my co-ed group. Thank you for your prayers on her behalf, and for all the women at the AR Capitol!

Thanks to God's provision of Jennifer ministering to the women, I am now able to turn more attention to ministering to more men at the capitol. Additionally, I plan to continue leading a weekly co-ed expository Bible study and prayer group at the capitol, and when the legislators are in session, weekly legislator's Bible study and fellowship prayer dinners.

Our Request

Ministry costs have increased. Travel expenses have increased, in some cases costs associated with meeting venues, as well as increased discipleship and ministry materials have all increased. We praise God for this, as we believe God is doing more through this ministry. 

We could use a little more help both with end of the year and with monthly support. We are trying to raise an additional $400 in monthly support at this time, and are praying for $5,000 in end of the year support to help begin the new year strong.

We will begin a legislative fiscal session on February 12. We want to raise enough to be free to serve, and to cover the cost associated with legislative dinners. We also like to provide for great give away Christian literature at our "Pastry and Books" table at the Capitol. It is a tasty way to reach the capitol community with great quality Christian literature. Many people asked for prayer as they visited our table last legislative session.

Would you help us reach our end of the year and monthly support goals? If you want to  make an eternal difference through your generous tax-deductible gifts click here.

As always, I thank you for your friendship and for your consideration of this request, along with your caring prayers, and generous financial support, we can together make a significant kingdom impact in 2018. 

Jenni and me 2017


While the celebration of Christmas Day in 2017 has past, carrying forth the message of hope in Christ the Savior and the King continues!

May the God of all hope, love, peace, and joy, richly bless you!



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