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February 11, 2019

Praises and Requests


  • As always the praises are too many to count. But the legislative session is off to a great start. I have had lots of interaction with legislators and staff
  • Year-round, between my wife and I, we typically run from 3 - 4 staff Bible study groups, but during the legislative session we usually add between 1-2 more legislative groups to our schedule, which becomes both a praise and a request.
  • We have held 3 artifact exhibits over the last few months. 1 in Jonesboro, AR, another in Hope AR, a third in the State Capitol of South Dakota, and in a few minutes I will be heading to the State Capitol in Indiana to do a fourth one! 


  • I ask for for safety traveling to Indiana and back, and for God to bless my family in my absence, and the artifact exhibit at the Indiana State Capitol.
  • Funding, I have and will miss several days of bi-vocational work traveling to and from exhibits. Please pray for my gracious employers, that God would richly bless them for their graciousness toward me in allowing me to travel to serve the Lord in this way, and for God to send enough funding our way to make up the difference, as well as enough funding to minister well to legislators when I return!

If God is laying it upon your heart to show generosity, or to make a significant and much needed difference for time and eternity in the lives of those whom God has chosen to lead and serve in Capitol communities, even as we lead and serve God and them in a very dynamic and powerful way, according to the generosity of God's grace, then you can now invest your earthly treasure for heavenly treasure by donating here just click here!

Simply put, we are committed to laboring for that which lasts, will you partner with us to help us continue making a great impact?

We are blessed by your interest, and prayers, and financial partnership.

If there is any way we can minister to you, please shoot me an email, and let me know how we might minister to you.


Jason Palermo