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November 4, 2019

I am writing from an airport headed to our annual Capitol Commission gathering (this year at The Southern Theological Seminary, in Louisville, Kentucky)and am amazed because I can barely believe how fast this year has flown by. It seemed just yesterday we were making trips to South Dakota, Indiana, and Pennsylvania, to minister in these Capitols with biblical artifact exhibits. But these we did earlier this year in January, February, and April respectively. Ministering to our colleagues in their state capitols were firsts for us, as was coming down with the shingles, and later pneumonia, and because we needed one more first, Jenni and I purchased a fixer-upper, that would have enough room to make way for any of our parents that might be able to use some help in their golden years. The pneumonia I needed to be hospitalized for, but it helped me get rid of a few unnecessary pounds, and helped me appreciate the suffering experience of those struggling in hospital settings. However, in spite of the ways God has used and grown us,I can confidently say that I cannot recommend pneumonia to you as your next weight-loss plan!

Despite juggling all these firsts, God has been so gracious to preserve and strengthen and use my wife and me, allowing us to serve His kingdom in many ways. I was able to speak several times in our church this year to further increase understanding in matters pertaining to biblical counseling. Also, Jenni, who has been faithfully serving the women of the Arkansas State Capitol with great weekly Bible studies had the privilege of attending the ACBC Conference, which helps faithfully equips the church with training in Biblical counseling. In many regards Biblical counseling is an aspect of the Great Commission, as it edifies the church and is a way to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Our church sponsored Jenni, and others from our church to attend this powerful conference. The theme for this year centered around depression, anxiety, and suicide. We trust that God will use us to impart His love, compassion, hope, and wisdom to those struggling in these ways. 

I am writing to you to give you a brief update, but also to encourage you to free us for greater ministry in 2020. Our budget is tight every year, and that is why end of the year support is so important to freeing us up for greater ministry during the coming legislative fiscal session in January, when all the legislators are gathered. Ideally, I would like to raise enough to do what we have been able to do in past years, which is provide weekly legislators' prayer and Bible study dinners. They are rich times of fellowship, and a time in which all legislators are invited to gather to hear from God through clear expository teaching from His Word. What better time for legislators to be refreshed by God’s unchanging truths and promises than when they are gathering to make decisions that will effect the whole state?

I hope God will free you to partner generously with us at this time. While we teach year-round staff studies, and interact with legislators and constitutional officers year-round, it is only during legislative sessions, when all leaders are gathered at one time and one place. Let us make the most of this opportunity to minister to them in Jesus Name!

Just so you know, this ministry could really benefit from increased regular/monthly support your gift of $20 - $100 monthly could really make a big difference in helping us serve more people, more often. We are praying for God to lead more people to invest in God’s kingdom in this way. Would you pray with us toward this end? Would you help us if God allows, on an ongoing basis, to reach more people year-round click here to become a regular financial partner, or to increase your regular support.

If you would like to help us with a generous end of the year gift to help us minister well to our legislators during the up-coming session in January click here to give your generous end of the year support.

I count it a great privilege to serve as an ambassador of Christ, and to partner with you in faithfully obeying the true spirit of 1 Timothy 2.

Thank you for your faithful prayers, and generous support!

In the grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,

Jason Palermo