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September 16, 2020

You are invited to Capitol Commission's Virtual Banquet "Gospel Advance." 

This event is an organizational ministry update. We are confident the good news expressed will encourage you. It opens September 17th  at 7 PM and lasts approximately 53 minutes. This event will serve as our annual virtual fundraising banquet replacing all other live events this year.

Important update!  YouTube changed the link to access this event since the last message. 

Use the UPDATED Link below: 

Please go to our website for the event link to the Sept. 17th event, or click this link. We hope to keep the link open for those who have to miss the time.

Gospel Advance no link

  • Witness a snapshot of the gospel's impact through the ministry of Capitol Commission.
  • Hear testimonies of salvation and spiritual strength from our governing leaders. 


The gospel is the only dynamic stated in Scripture to be synonymous with the power of God. America needs to experience that power today. Would you agree?   

Let us all call upon the Lord, asking His Spirit to first search our own heart (Cf. Ps. 139:23-24). Then confess, repent and lay this nation before the Lord. Pray for His mercy, pray for revival, and pray for a genuine great awakening!

Please thank God for giving us an open door to provide clear Bible teaching and the gospel of Jesus Christ to your governing leaders and staff through this ministry.

In this critical time for our nation, please help us represent Jesus in the Capitol!  

Yes, I will partner with Capitol Commission and help make a difference! 

For His Glory,  

Jason Palermo              

Arkansas  State Minister

Capitol Commission


Is Your Religious Freedom at Risk? Our September 1 live broadcast is available. Click Link below.

People who have seen it are saying it is "powerful, informative and current."