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    December 31, 2021

    A Bold and Grand Vision

    As we approach a New Year, I want to say thank you so very much for your investment in God's kingdom work via Capitol Commission and especially here in Arkansas.

    We feel so blessed to play a vital role in this strategic Great Commission mission. This year it is hard to believe, but we are wrapping-up 15 years of ministry to Arkansas' Capitol community. We could not have done this singlehandedly! Only through the hard-work, prayers and financial support of a team of people has this ministry advanced. Every great thing that has happened has been a result of someone answering the call to God, whether that was from faithful pastors, to faithful legislators or staff members, even believing lobbyists, and faithful believers we so affectionately call "prayer warriors", as well all who are able and willing to part with and invest in the well-being of our state, and the advancement of God's kingdom amoung Arkansas' Capitol community.

    God calls us to contemplate His wonderful works, He calls us to remember His goodness, and grace, and His lovingkiness, and He calls us to honor His Son. The United States of America remains exceptional in that it was founded on the presupposition that our rights as human beings are derived not from governments, but from God. That is a very significant, and historically speaking, exceptionally bold, grand and beatiful vision, which ought to include all Americans. I think at least once a year it should cause us to pause and give God thanks and glory, because  we are all the recpients of a great big vision started many years ago. The Bible tells us that all people have at least one thing in common, that is our Creator! It is from this Creator that the book of Genesis tells us we derive our image, thus making us higher than the animals. Thus all human life is to be regarded as sacred, because we are all image bearers. 

    I am thrilled that despite all attempts to seperate our nation from such lofty biblical notions, God in His great wisdom, goodness, and grace, providentially continues to raise up believing leaders, here in Arkansas, and around the nation who recognize not only from whom our rights derive, but who also understand that God remains the individual citizen's, and our nation's ultimate and greatest source of good. 

    While ministry to Arkansas' Capitol community has looked different over the past couple years due to Covid. The same principles remain the same. We remain commited to a ministry of prayer, presence, and the proclammation of the gospel, and of the whole counsel of God's Word. God continues to build His church, and as a team, God is using us toward these divine ends.

    What's New in 2022?

    Because of Covid concerns, we have not sought to hold large gatherings like banquets, but we do have a desire to meet with our partners and celebrate what God is doing. After talking with my wife, we have decided that we can host something of a micro banquet instead. We look forward gathering with you over a meal and sharing how we might be able to establish more effective ministry partnerships to advance the kingdom in an even greater way. If you are interested in getting together with us, please let us know. We will reach out to several who are regular financial and prayer partners as well.

    Would you help us reach our financial goal in 2021? There is still time.

    End of the year gifts help us reach our annual budgeted goals. More than helping us cross the finishing line, they enable us to walk through the open doors God has provided. We could greatly use your help at this time. If you would like to support this very strategic mission by making a tax-deductible donation, or become a regular financial partner please follow the "Quick Links" to your right, it has a donate box, with some dropdown tabs that will allow your support to be sent to the Arkansas ministry. (If you are receiving this update via social media, you can go to https://www.capitolcom.org/donate).

    Thank you so much for your Love of our Lord, for your prayers for our leaders and for us as we minister to them, and for your financial partnership.

    We are excited to continue proclaiming the excellencies of Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior, and the riches of 

    his marvelous grace offered to all who come to God through Him!

    Please let us know if there is any way we can minister to you.


    In Christ,

    Jason Palermo,

    State Minister, Capitol Commission, Arkansas