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    April 26, 2022

    Lately, as I have been visiting with people, I have noticed that with all that is going on in the world, many are feeling overwhelmed by life, and stressed by what seems like only bad news all the time. Worse, many have expressed feeling like there is little to nothing they can do to make a positive difference.

    I want to say I understand what many have expressed, but I also want to share that because God is in control of all things big and small, including history, I want to say that truly nothing can be farther from the truth. How do we move forward? I believe we need to recognize the resources God has given to His church, and by the grace God provides, move toward God through faith in Christ, then by His grace abide. or remain in Christ daily. Only then can we grow in our understanding of His will for our lives, and be fully equipped, and empowered to do His will in the world. That is when life truly becomes joyful, and when life begins to come together and even takes on greater meaning. Only then can we share the hope we have inside in the way God intended.

    Friend, this is probably about the best time of the year for me to schedule and visit with friends from around the state. Lately, as I have been speaking and sharing with folks about the vision and mission of Capitol Commission, it has been exilerating, fun, and encouraging, because believers understand that the problems we face are almost alwaying involving a spiritual dimension, and we understand that God who knows all things and cares, knows what is best for our lives. People are excited that our ministry exists, and are excited about what the Lord is doing through it, because through this ministry we get to extend what is most important to the church, namely God's love and redeeming truth to a people group that needs to regularly be saturated with God's biblical love, truth, and wisdom, namely our capitol community.

    Do you believe God has called believers to understand their times, and to be ambassadors of the Lord Jesus Christ, who are on mission? I do. Do you realize only believers are equipped to supernaturally shine life-transorming light upon darkness? Find out how you and your friends can be making a strategic difference in your state and nation via Capitol Commission. You will not be disappointed.

    Contact me, and invite me to speak to your friends, church, or church group. Together we can partner in Christ's great commission mandate, and really be a part of the difference God is making in the hearts and lives of people in our state, in our nation, and in our capitol community.

    Thank you,


    Jason Palermo