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    April 20, 2010

    It is a busy month at the California State Capitol. Legislators are constantly in committee hearings debating new legislation. Staff members are rushing around trying to keep up with the fast pace. Lobbyists are scrambling to make their voices heard. At the same time, most Legislators’ terms expire this year so they are campaigning for re-election or for a new office. Outside the building, marches against program cuts are frequent, and last week Tea Party participants held their gigantic rally (see photos below).

    Please pray that in the midst of this busyness, your elected officials do not forget about honoring God. I am glad that even at a hectic time like this, a number of them still make time for our weekly Bible Study in the Capitol. (You may click here to view one of our recent Bible studies.) I am more convinced than ever that our nations’ greatest problems are spiritual in nature, and that the solution lies in Him.

    Please pray for me also that God will give me strength as I carry out the many responsibilities of this ministry, including speaking to churches and groups around the state about what God is up to in the Capitol Community. I am so thankful for your partnership in this work!

    Your Missionary to the State Capitol,

    Pastor Frank Erb
    California State Director
    Capitol Commission

    PS – Our new Prayer Cards are completed! If you do not get our US Mail, please let me know your mailing address and I will gladly send you one.