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    May 29, 2010

    If I have your street mailing address then you should have received the letter below in your mail last week. It was accompanied by a two-sided Prayer Card with a photo of my family on it (see attached image file). If you did not receive it, we would be honored to have our smiling faces on your refrigerator so that you can remember to pray for our ministry to the State Capitol. Just let me know your street address and I’ll send you one right away. Thank you again so much for your partnership.



    Dear Friend,

    I believe in ministry to political leaders.

    In my opinion, our nation’s social structure is gradually and tragically crumbling from the inside. The root cause is not political -- it is spiritual. Americans are increasingly abandoning the Judeo-Christian values that once made our nation strong. As a result, we are seeing widespread moral decline that is affecting every area of our society, including our families, our youth, our educational system, our economy, and our government.

    For our nation to be strong we must first have strong churches where the Good News of Jesus Christ is boldly proclaimed and the Word of God is clearly taught and lived out. Those churches can then equip our society’s leaders to honor Him as they carry out their leadership responsibilities. This is why I am serving with Capitol Commission. I, like the other State Directors across this country, am committed to being a missionary of the church to make disciples in my State Capitol. As more of our government leaders are led by God they will be able to make better leadership decisions, and perhaps God will even heal our state and our nation. I believe this may be America’s last hope.

    It is often said that as California goes, so goes our nation. This can be bad, but it could also be very good. I am seeing genuine fruit in my ministry in Sacramento, which includes leading weekly Bible studies for legislators, staff members, and lobbyists and also pastoral counseling and prayer with many state leaders. In addition to this, I am speaking in churches and am recruiting 120 church pastors and teams - one from each Legislative District in California - to come alongside me in ministering to their local State Assembly Member or Senator in their district office. I believe that as this happens we may see our state transform from the inside out. As some of our state officials transition to Washington D.C., they will carry a newfound strength in Christ with them. As a result, our whole nation could be changed for the better.

    This is a big vision. It is obviously something I cannot do alone. I invite you to join me in doing something great for God in our generation, while there is still time – something that has the potential to really make a difference.

    What can you do? There are many needs, including administrative helpers, pastors to team with us, and more. Just contact me if you are interested. To be honest though, our most pressing need is financial. This ministry is funded 100% by contributions and we are currently drastically underfunded at less than half of what is needed. I have been hesitant to say much about this, because I know that times are tight for many. I also would never want anyone to think this ministry is about money. (I am personally disgusted about how some so-called ministries seem to be so.) However, a number of Legislators recently heard about my situation and urged me to let you know about it too. The fact is that there are many unavoidable expenses associated with a work like this and they all add up. This includes printing, traveling, parking, phone, internet, brochures, postage, equipment, and books, in addition to salary. (Feel free to contact me if you would like more detailed financial information.)

    I am thus urgently seeking 50 new monthly donors to undergird this ministry. If you are in a position to help (after giving to your local church) or if you are a church leader looking for an opportunity for your congregation to make a difference in our nation, please pray about partnering with us in this strategic way. You may contribute online at www.capitolcom.org or send contributions to Capitol Commission, PO Box 63118, Charlotte, NC 28263-3118. (Please note on the check that it is for California.) If you are not able to do so, or are already giving, please pass this information on to someone else who might be interested.

    Also, I am so thankful for your prayers. I really mean that. Please keep them coming. I have had many more unexpected "divine appointments" lately in the Capitol, where I bump into someone and I see God work miraculously in their life as we speak. In one day recently this occurred with a State Senator during an emotion-filled hour-long discussion and prayer time in his office, with a State Assembly Member who suddenly felt a strong calling to speak more openly about his faith, with a Legislator’s Chief of Staff who had biblical questions, and with a Sergeant-at-Arms (Capitol security officer) who I had the joy of leading to Christ. And that was just one day. Rest assured, your prayers are needed and are being answered.

    On a personal note, my family is doing well. My wife, Valerie, and I will celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary on June 18th and we are still truly in love. Our daughter Hannah will be entering High School next year, which I can’t believe since I still remember her as a little toddler playing on the floor. Our son Lucas is twelve years old and is going to try football this summer for the first time. He is strong for his age and I think he will enjoy it as long as he can handle running in a helmet and pads in the 100+ degree heat we have in our area. As a family we are very thankful for our many blessings.

    Please contact me anytime. I always love to hear from you!

    Your Missionary to the State Capitol,

    Frank Erb
    California State Director
    Capitol Commission