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    August 24, 2010

    This is a frenetic time in the California State Capitol. August 31st marks the end of the regular session, which means that all proposed new laws for the year must be voted on within the next seven days. Many hundreds of these bills are still pending, and legislators are in a rush to get through all of them, hopefully by this Friday evening. They then need to come to agreement on a budget and deal with a $19 billion deficit, which is already far behind schedule.

    If you want to see what your legislators are up to, you can watch them via live webcast whenever they are on the Floor. Just click on www.calchannel.com and select the Assembly or Senate session link on the top right. I urge you to PRAY for those you see there. I can confirm that God is at work in many of their lives, calling them to yield to Him or to walk closer with Him. Please pray for me also that our Lord continues to open up many doors of ministry to them and their staff.

    I am so grateful for your partnership in presenting the Good News to our elected officials!

    Your Missionary to the State Capitol,

    Frank Erb
    California State Director
    Capitol Commission

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