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    March 17, 2011

    Your state leaders need your prayers.

    Each state Senator makes decisions for nearly a million people, and each Assembly Member for almost half a million. Frustration and discouragement are obviously increasing as they struggle to come to agreement on how to solve California’s many problems, not the least of which is our $27 billion budget deficit. You can watch their floor sessions online here.

    Many of them are struggling personally as well. Every week, another legislator opens up to me confidentially about the moral, emotional, or family challenges that they or their colleagues face. Many struggle with temptation. A Senator recently explained during our Legislators' Bible Study that, "whatever it is that tempts you will be offered to you in abundance when you are in this job." Other legislators agreed. Again, they need your prayers.

    Click here for an updated State Prayer Calendar. You might want to print it and place it somewhere where you will see it daily (your refrigerator door maybe?) as a reminder to pray for all our government leaders. One helpful technique is to stop and briefly pray whenever you see or hear a government leader in the news.

    As for what to pray, here is an article I wrote called How to Pray for Political Leaders that has five suggestions.

    I always appreciate your prayers for me as well. As I was driving to the Capitol early one morning recently, God’s joy and peace were flooding over me and my heart was lifted up in praise to Him. It caught me off guard since I had been feeling anxious about a recent computer crash and other ministry challenges. I knew that someone was praying, and as a result I was given the strength I needed to reach out to the Capitol that day and lead expository Bible studies inside for Legislators, Legislative Staff Members, and Lobbyists.

    All of us who serve with Capitol Commission from throughout the United States met last week at a pastors’ conference in Sun Valley. It was a rich time of fellowship and an encouragement to hear how the Lord is at work in 18 state capitols! These are amazing men with whom I am proud to associate. Here's a photo of our group, including State Directors, Board Members, and others. (I am in the back row, third from the left.) Your partnership is enabling this powerful and strategic work to continue and expand.

    Please contact me anytime for a personal update.

    Capitol Commission March 2011

    Your Missionary to the State Capitol,

    Frank Erb

    California State Director
    Capitol Commission