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    May 27, 2011

    I was privileged to appear as a guest on the Pastor-to-Pastor radio program earlier this month. If you missed the broadcast, you can now click here to listen to it on our website. Many thanks to the program's esteemed host, Dr. Henry Wells, for his gracious endorsement.

    Last week, I attended the 50th Annual California Prayer Breakfast. This was a legislator-led event, but I was so encouraged to see approximately twenty legislators there who also participate in the weekly Capitol Bible Study or are otherwise touched by this ministry. One Senator spoke at length about how grateful he and the others are for the work of Capitol Commission. (Of course, he also joked that I and balding Governor Jerry Brown, who was also in attendance, appear to share the same barber.)

    Later, a Republican and a Democratic Assemblymember each spoke during the Assembly floor session to commemorate the Prayer Breakfast and to invite fellow lawmakers to attend our weekly Bible Study. You can click here to see a 2-minute video of their comments.  (Jump ahead to 9:35.)

    Please keep praying earnestly for the 120 State Legislators and their staff. It is more apparent to me than ever that most of them mean well but most also lack the spiritual foundation that would provide them with a basis for making wise and moral decisions. Pray that God gives each of them a desire to know and follow Him. Pray that those who profess faith in Christ will desire to grow in their knowledge of His word and seek His wisdom for the enormously influential choices they make. And please pray for me, especially on Wednesdays as I lead in-depth Bible Studies, visit offices, and attend evening legislator events.

    I assure you, your prayers are felt and make a difference.

    Your Missionary to the State Capitol,


    Frank Erb
    California State Director