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    June 28, 2011

    As you continue to pray for your California State legislators, it may be helpful to know something about how they are doing in their personal lives. Here are some general observations:

    1. Most of them are experiencing Fatigue.
      Many people would be surprised to find out how hard their legislators work – often starting early in the morning and continuing late into the evening, while only seeing their family members on weekends. By mid-year, many of them are physically and emotionally dragging.
    2. Many of them are feeling Frustration.
      This is especially true for Republicans, who, as the minority party, are greatly outnumbered and continually outvoted.
    3. Some of them struggle with Moral Failure.
      During our Legislators’ Bible Study, one Senator explained that whatever tempts each legislator the most is offered to him or her in abundance. The others all agreed. Couple this with the fatigue many feel, and it is no surprise that some are morally imploding.
    4. A number of them are growing in Faith in Christ.
      Twenty-three people have participated in the Legislators’ Bible Study so far this year, with about half of them attending regularly - and we still have months to go in this year’s session. This may not seem like a huge number (and it's certainly not when compared with more religiously conservative states), but it is significant here in the Wild West. I am continuing to teach carefully through the Gospel of Matthew, verse-by-verse and section-by-section, currently finishing Chapter 8. My aim is to carefully exegete the Word - helping them to understand first what it says, then what it means, and finally how it relates to their lives and their work as government leaders. Amazingly, it always does relate. Rich dialogue and heartfelt sharing bounces around the large conference table as Republican and Democrats process Divine truth together. Some leave with tears welling in their eyes as they realize God’s greatness and grace. The same can be said also of our Staff & Lobbyists study, which draws leaders from all over the Capitol community. Later, others who do not attend a Bible study meet with me or call or text for personal prayer or counsel. Each person is at a different stage of spiritual maturity, but God is obviously at work in some powerful ways.

    Please keep interceding for your government leaders, and thank you for remembering me as I continue to endeavor to reach out to each of them in His name.

    Your Missionary to the State Capitol,


    Frank Erb
    California State Director