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    December 5, 2012

    Last week, I participated in our annual Capitol Commission national gathering, as all the State Directors from throughout the United States came together at our national office in Raleigh, North Carolina, for prayer, planning, training, and encouragement. It was great to be with these men who love the Lord and are serving Him in 19 state capitols, with at least two new states to be announced soon! (I am in the photo below wearing a black jacket, kneeling in the front row, second from the right.)

    Group Photo

    One highlight was visiting the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, NC, with our team. I was encouraged and inspired to see that this extensive museum was focused not only on Billy’s life, but moreso on the life-changing message of salvation through Christ that he brought to millions of people, including to many Presidents and other government leaders. I also enjoyed getting to visit with Billy's grandson Roy Graham and son-in-law Danny Lotz, whose faith is as big as he is! (pictured below)

    Billy Graham Library

    Roy Graham

    Danny Lotz

    Then, this Monday I was back inside our California State Capitol to welcome the incoming new State Legislators at the Swearing-In Session. There are 39 brand new legislators in California (out of 120), which is the highest number since 1966.

    Swearing In

    As you have probably heard, this year Democrats have achieved a “supermajority” in the California State Legislature for the first time since 1883, meaning they comprise more than two-thirds of both the Senate and the Assembly. Add to this that all our state's Constitutional Officers are Democrats, including Governor Jerry Brown, and Democrats have plenty to smile about. As a result, the Capitol felt like one big celebration for many. Of course, not everyone was celebrating. I spoke with a number of returning Republican friends who were far from thrilled at the position they now find themselves in. One legislator was walking slowly down a hallway, head hung low, lamenting what a difficult session lies ahead.

    Swearing In Crowd

    Whatever their party or platform, our message to all of them is the same. They all need to know the Lord and follow Him closely. As He works in their hearts and their knowledge of his Word increases, they will be better equipped to love and serve Him and make better personal choices and leadership decisions. When this happens, we all will benefit. Though politics and campaigns often disappoint, God's word will never fail!

    I have already made connections with some new legislators who are interested in participating in our legislators Bible Studies when we resume in January. Over the next month I will hand-deliver Bible Study invitations to every legislator's office and will begin scheduling appointments to meet personally with every new legislator. We are also preparing to announce some other exciting new ministry initiatives that I look forward to telling you about soon.

    I am very grateful for the partnership of so many in this important work. This mission is supported entirely by contributions from individuals and churches, and receives no income from our national ministry or the government. As we approach the end of 2012, we are praying for an additional $25,000 before December 31, and a significant increase in monthly giving next year. If you are praying about what ministries to support, thank you for prayerfully considering us for either a one-time gift or as a new monthly partner. If you are not able to do so, please help by forwarding this to a friend or church who might be interested. And, as always, I am especially grateful for your prayers.

    Your Missionary to California’s Government Leaders,

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    Frank Erb
    Capitol Commission California